I'M HOPING ANDY ROONEY RETIRES SOON or at least trims his eyebrows!

When I was a senior in high school people constantly asked me, "What are you going to with your life?".  I would answer honestly, "I have no idea."  I was never one of those kids who knew from the time I was 5 that I wanted to be a nurse, a teacher, a veterinarian, a lawyer, an actress, an astronaut, a professional wrestler or a zoo keeper.   What I did know from the time I was a kid but couldn't quite formulate into anything concrete was I loved nature, exercising, thinking, words, and talking.  My sisters used to tell me I looked like one of the local female newscasters.  So, with that in my head I would picture myself sitting behind the news desk reading the news.  It didn't stick because I couldn't be overly serious for very many minutes at a time and that is probably a requirement when reading a sad news story.  How could I have a job that combined all my loves together?  Why could I never quite get it figured out?  I loved to express what I thought or felt so I decided to be a creative writing major in college, but my very concrete father said, "You can't make a living with that.  Only a few people ever do."  It may have been his way of saying I wasn't good at it or probably he was trying to be practical.  Passion is not always practical I'm finding out with age - but it is freeing and meaningful which makes it way more valueable than money.  Maybe this huge "change" of married to unmarried in my life has caused me to pause and reignite passion again in many areas.  So I look back at what I have always loved and wildly fling open the door to expression after being safe and orderly.  Somebody once said, "Youth is wasted on the young."  So true.  I was young and clueless on how to know who I was and run with passion and scissors:)   So I'm giving CBS notice - Andy Rooney is getting up there in age and, his eyebrows now nearly cover his eyes (I will need a trademark but not eyebrows!).  He has ruled "60 Minutes" for too many years.  His quips and Andyisms on everything are good.  But, I think I would like his job.  It would combine my love of thinking things from an unusual point of view, writing about them and then delivering the product into a camera with some humor and sarcasm.  So what do you think CBS - got room for a rookie with no experience?  Think I'll polish up my resume and send my blog to them.  I'll make sure though to not run this one by my dad first.   If this doesn't work for me, what do you think --stand-up comedy or writing greeting cards?

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  1. Personally I choose greeting cards. You can write those in your bed-head and pjs. You may have just discovered my new career!