I have used the phrase "who does that" so often over the years that it really has become one of my trademarks.  So unaware was I that it frequently flowed out of me that soon close friends of mine would repeat it smiling and mockingly saying, "Who does that Lynn?:)".  I began to be hyper aware of what prompted me to use those three words.  I used it for all kinds of things.  For inanimate objects I saw that made no logical sense, people's decorating tastes, weird clothes on a rack in a store that I couldn't fathom someone in New York said was in style - let alone anyone would buy.  I said it over adults who drove mopeds and especially over teenage boys who drove them with their chick on the back.  I said it all the time over people who must be lacking depth perception and pull out in front of you while you are going 65 mph.  Always did I say it when I saw those ridiculous geese statues perched on a porch, the ones with seasonal clothing on them - and, the huge metal stars that some like to affix to the outside of their houses - or when I saw someone in the north flying a confederate flag...or having more doo dads in their yard than should be allowed by the neighbors, the local governing authorities or their respective state.  I said it when people's behavior was so selfish, hurtful or destructive that it blew my mind and I could think of no other thing to say.  When I saw an overly tattooed person in their youth I said it wondering how all those tattoos would look when they are 70.  "Who does that" angrily oozed from my lips over parents who scream at their kids in the store or don't correct them when they should.  I said it when Mel Gibson let racist comments be the thing that people now remember about him, not some of the great movies he made.  Or when at the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a former staffer claimed years earlier he said, "there is a pubic hair on my can of coke".  I said it whenever I saw someone driving a hummer - a sign of American over indulgence.  When President Clinton said, "I did not have sex with that women." - I said it.  The first time I attempted to watch "Shindler's List" I also said it just before I ran from the room bawling.  I said it when my then college age daughter got her nose pierced and I went to see her and she had a big hoop in it (I also mooed like a cow at her).   I said it when watching television evangelists that touted wealth instead of realness.  Definitely it rolled off my lips when OJ was acquitted for murder but years later convicted over theft charges.  When people's opulence seemed so self indulgent that they had lost their grip of a hurting humanity, I said it.  When I saw Las Vegas for the first time I think I said it and just shook my head.  And, as I stood overlooking the Grand Canyon it quietly slipped through my lips without the usual sarcasm that accompanies that magical phrase - that day I said it in pure wonderment.

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