Grace is such a generic type of church word.  It is passed around a lot in the Jesus crowd.  So often in fact that it loses it magnitude and over inflates its pure simplicity.  I need it constantly.  Every day I live, the older I get, the more aware I am that I stand in need of bathing in it, being cloaked in it, dancing in it, having it sprinkled over me and just well, being submersed in it.  What is it though, this indefinable grace that I seek, I need, I crave but don't deserve?  Quite simply grace is, "coming from God".  I love that phrase.  What is coming from God?  Assistance, goodness, approval, favor, a gift undeserved. So grace presents through rivlets of pleasure like; oceans, sunrises, clouds, rain drops, wind on a hot day, the sky in Texas, fresh raspberries, birch trees, sand between your toes on the beach, the smell of cut grass, lilacs in full bloom, a harvest moon, the hues of leaves in the fall, the sound of locusts singing in August or unbridled laughter of children, great orchestra music with powerful strings, the feel of a warm pair of sweat pants pulled from the dryer on a winter day, the clean stark landscape of November, fresh pineapple, a stone skipping across a still lake and the early morning dewiness of September.  God brushes it across us through assurances, affirmations, encouragements, the promises of God, moments of adoration, circumstances, the human touch, kindness, gentleness, love.  He drizzles it over us through peace in a stormy circumstance, the sustaining power and rejuvenation of prayer, in knowing an absolute about God even when it's night all around, in God's ever presence where we are currently at -not sometimes - but always.  Sometimes grace comes in sweet, soft whispers in our spirits and other times it's wavy and big and splashes us.  It's both definable, explainable and mysterious and deep.  It isn't stored up, but replenished with new, fresh measures for each circumstance we face.  Grace says; you're loved right where you're at, in the state you're in, without being neat and tidy, I found the perfect thing just for you, I'm all you need, I couldn't be prouder, would you take this gift I want to give you.  It says you can't - but God can, and He will.  Tonight when you return from your day, the covers are pulled back, there will be an expensive piece of chocolate on your pillow and fresh towels await you.  That's every day with grace - sustaining, refreshing, filling, empowering, big, little, generous, purposeful, extravagant and unlimited.  I need some.  Mine is a bit low.

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  1. His mercies are new every morning. I want to crave his grace more and more and let un-graciousness slide off my soul.

    thanks for the beautiful word pictures of grace. they remind me i'm OK.