In the Old Testament there is a description of the temple that was built; the dimensions, the materials used, the direction it faced, the decorations, down to the serving ware used.  Further in this physical description is mention of the most sacred part of the temple - the Holy of Holies - the inner room where only an appointed priest could enter on behalf of the people to see the glory of God.    I am not comparing my dear friend, who I have a standing breakfast appointment with every Tuesday at 6:45 a.m., to being an appointed priest or, myself to being God, but...... she would like to think that I am.  There are and have been many friends through out my life.  Especially have I been blessed with many relationships of love and laughter both men and women.  It seems that there are some friendships that have been seasonal - for a season in my life or theirs.  Or circumstantial - events created this connection of friendship.  I have some friends who are really my relatives too, like my sisters.  They have both roles in my life and play them very well I might add.  The statement with them that is so true is, "To know me is to love me".  They both know me intricately well and love me like the big blue wide open sky.  Today after driving away from breakfast with my friend I thought about friends I have and those who have meant the most to me.  Who have I let in the Holy of Holies in some regard?  What quantifies a true friend and is it tangible really?  Why do have I friendships?  Now my dear friend will get a little puffed up with herself for making this blog post.  Every Tuesday morning at breakfast I listen to her complain about how bad the coffee is (I don't drink it because it is bad) and ask the waitress for a straw for her water.  I thought about Big D (name shortened to protect her CIA identity) and why her friendship enriches my life.  She is one of a handful of people who truly get me, fans it into full flame and then jumps up and down when I get there.  That's why I love her.  She is the priest I let into my Holy of Holies.  She is one of the few who gets Lynn, doesn't want to change me, brings out the stuff that makes me who I am and allows me to say whatever I want in the delivery system that best explains it (swear words and all at times).  I don't have to be somebody for her to love me.  She loves me - my failings and all, in the state that I am presently in.  She wants me to go places, have good things in my life, not carry anger in me, understands both my extreme irreverence and my deep love in God and what I want Him to do in my life.  She shares my "river runs through it" massive love of pure, unadulterated junior high school antics and laughter.  There are many things that we are completely opposite in.  She thinks bossy, bold things but won't say them in a public setting.  I on the other hand, well I could use a little more of Big D in me:)  Exercising is a love of mine - a way to conquer and release.  To her exercise is one leg lift in bed as good measure.  She likes the staples on papers to go at exactly the right perpendicular angle and well, I could care the hell less!!   She has a hard time saying no to others for social events and I rarely say yes.  She has this great heart that wants to know stuff about God and how to live in God's great Graceland with difficult family.  Once she tried to tell me that Peter (Yes Saint Peter the disciple) had jumped out of the boat to see Jesus and drowned.  I tried to tactfully tell her that Peter did die later in his life, but that he did not drown the day he jumped from the boat to swim ashore to see Jesus after the resurrection.  She admitted to me later that she had read that portion of scripture while sitting on the toilet early in the morning.  The next day she told me she read it again and I was right, Peter had not drowned that day:)  My favorite thing to do to Big D is to call her at work during the day and tell her something absolutely ridiculous or wind up into a comedy routine with her till her emphysema laugh kicks in and she can't stop.  Then quickly I say, "Gotta go Big D".  I love to hang up the receiver still hearing her laugh hysterically.  I have friends, but the best kind are those that know you, love you, laugh with you, cry with you, get you without you having to explain every thought in your head and come back time and time again for more, stay in the fight with you, pray for you and want more for you than themselves. I truly believe friendship is a vehicle used by God in our lives to make us better, keep us company & entertained in the journey through life and, with human skin on show us Himself.  Only a few get to the Holy of Holies.  I am so thankful for the few that have permission to enter into who I truly am:) 

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  1. LOL LOL LOL...just peed my pants! Love you Lynn, no, I Really love you!!