THINGS I LOVE, no i mean i really love them!

My niece loves everything - no really.  She is overly excitable and exuberant about all things; inanimate objects, popcorn, games, her favorite kind of pen, the new scarf she bought, the key of E.....every detail of all of life.  I love that about her!  It's like a child in a grown up body that makes you excited too.  I'm not like my niece in that regard.  Oh I love things and get excited but not over everything. Being the minimalist that I am, this listing of things I love (low on the tangibles), I mean really love, should make you realize that to make the list is, in and of itself, amazing.  What makes Lynn Cherry soar?  Crisply ironed clothes, an avocado cut in half and scooped out, crawling into a bed made with clean sheets that have hung on the clotheslines, making people laugh - not giggle but LAUGH, experiencing a God moment, moments of extreme clarity, the sun, a good cup of coffee with real cream, my daughter's uniqueness, that my daughter's husband loves her like nobody's business, books of most kinds-except sci-fi:(, music that is original sounding - except country & bluegrass, fall weather, cool evenings/mornings to run, when someone takes time to really know who I am and then nails it with a gift, don't laugh-the movie YENTL, friends & family who have contributed to making me - me, homemade pie made by someone that knows how to make a good pie, knowing I left someone better than I found them-breathed value to them, a good fitting pair of jeans that showcases your butt causing a few to take a glance, bacon cooked but not crisp, my sisters and two brother-in-laws, Big D, all things outdoorish, conversationating with intelligence & wit, those who have intelligence & wit, when a scripture verse written thousands of years ago speaks like it was penned directly from God to me, my sweet orange bike and what it signifies, that I feel things deeply, adventure, challenge, Christmas music from November to Januaryish, white-tan-black:), how little kids speak truth, words-all words, beaches, a good martini, that people tell me things-strangers included, figuring out how to do something I don't know how to do, the feeling that November brings to my spirit, complete realness, Ralph Lauren Polo Sport cologne, my old ratty ball cap, running on the treadmill in only my underwear, dark chocolate covered dried cherries, getting smarter as I age, that I'm still too vain to wear my glasses, people who are full of grace and give it away, wrinkle cream:), lipstick, reading/listening to things that challenge my way of thinking, did I say my sisters:), that I don't color my hair, pushing myself physically, that each day is new-wide open and holds possibility.  Like today.