There are some things that I just don't like, don't need in my life, and am puzzled over. Hair is one of those things I think about - my own and others.  I was given, by God and genetically through my parents, thin-fine-with a bit wave to it hair.  Though through the years it has gotten thinner and finer.  Also given me by genetics is a very high receding start of my hairline.  If I were a man, I would hope I would not resort to a comb over like Donald Trump or my dad when he was younger.  But, I might be tempted.   So coming from that hairitage :) I am conscious of people's hair.  Especially men who sport long hair that is actually longer, thicker and more beautiful than mine.  That's just not right.  I'm not talking about the guy from ZZ Top or Billy Ray Cyrus sporting a mullet, but more along the lines of Leif Garret (when he had hair) or Yanni.  I've often wondered while walking through the mall or sitting in a restaurant, on a plane, in a corporate business meeting, in church or in the waiting room at the doctor's office why do we choose the hairstyles we have?  I mean really, some of us probably most definitely should not be sporting the doo we have or the color of the doo we have.  Hairstyles seem to be a very, very personal thing - an actual very visible extension of personality topping our heads.  It says something about us.  I don't like to mess with my hair too much (comes as a surprise I'm sure).  In fact, I like to be showered and clothed at the 30 minute or less mark including ironing time.  I'm about simplicity and quickness.  Maybe others in the waiting room feel I should spend more time on my hair than I do.  We all think that of others sometimes.  I don't have bionic hair either.  It absolutely comes out different from one day to the next.  A lot of people I know, both men and women, appear to have their hairstyle look exactly the same as the day before.  I am a bit jealous of that category of people, much like men who have longer, nicer hair than do I.  I don't want to get my hair colored either. My hair is presently an original color mix of the effects of summer sun, graying underneath and light brown all swirled together. You cannot buy this color in a bottle even if you tried. Going to get my hair colored every couple of months is not appealing to me. Give me an afternoon outside or reading or possibly sticking pencils in my eyes over that any day. I am ok with going gray and being middle aged. It is who I am and I love it. Plus who has ever seen a 75 year old with a weird shade of dyed brown hair and thought it looks good or remotely natural!  I never have to worry about the color growing out and my roots showing:) There is so much freedom in less. Jewelry is another area where less is more for me.  I own a total of five necklaces and typically wear only about three out of the five.  It is a well known fact among friends and family that I don't like bling real well.  I can appreciate it sometimes on others, but don't like it on myself.  One day my friend, who wears bling in the category of Mr. T, placed her big assed necklace on me for fun.  She then tried to convince me I looked good in it.  With no real cleavage like she has, it just hung flat against my chest and overpowered my child like upper body!  It wasn't me.  I have my ears pierced and have been known to put a pair of earrings in never taking them out until they break.  Presently I have been earringless for about 2 years.  It just seems unnecessary and unnatural looking on me.  My daughter couldn't be more opposite me in the area of bling.  She loves big necklaces and huge dangly earrings and I can't picture her without them.  During the 25 years I was married I only wore my wedding ring the first 5 or 6 years.  I don't like rings - I felt constricted (both jewelry wise and relationally).  On a shopping trip with my two sisters and mom some years ago they all bought toe rings.  WHY?!  They tried to convince me to buy one too.  I clearly stated that it wasn't me and I would never wear it.  They laugh at my minimalistic approach to most things.  My mom wears big clip on earrings and large beads.  My sisters wear jewelry too.  Both of their husbands have bought them diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, tennis bracelets, etc....  They look great in it.  I, look out of place in it.  The thing is people who wear jewelry think that everyone else should too.  They are constantly trying to get me to wear some, more, bigger or gawdier accessories.  I, on the other hand, don't try to convince them not to wear it.  Girlish stuff just doesn't fit who I am in many regards.  I like to use my hands to work outside and I don't want to have to be careful that I might break a nail or chip my nail polish.  I like the feel of dirt on my skin.  Candy apple red doesn't look good on me anyway.   I own three dresses,.  Two of which I purchased in the last month and the remaining one from my daughter's wedding last year.  Dresses feel a bit unnatural on me.  But, in this process of divorce I have made myself do new things.  Wearing a dress has been one of them (mostly due to my sisters' urging).  I draw the line at pantyhose though - bare legged only please.  I don't want to shop, scrapbook, go to Mary Kay parties or talk endlessly about shopping, scrapbooking or going to Mary Kay parties.   Nor do I want to read Cosmo, Self or Vogue magazine.  I would though, love to finish the issue of "Outdoors" I started at lunch on Friday, slip on a pair of jeans, a hit of lipstick, get my hands dirty and talk about anything but shopping, scrapbooking or Mary Kay parties. You are you and well, I am me.  Celebrate that.       

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  1. Did you say CELEBRATE????!!!!! Wait for me!!!! I can get ready in 20 minutes (I don't need to iron everything I wear). Even when I was a "pretty girl" putting my hair up in an acceptable fashion under a prayer covering, if it took longer than 5 minutes then that style was not for me. Wait, I need to grab my big ass necklace and lets many rings should I don??? Should I throw on some Jesus bling or keep it low key?? Dangly earrings or small ones? If I wear the small ones ppl won't see them very well. Crap, didn't even think about bracelets!! I'm in the mood to wear this one but it doesn't go with what I'm wearing...I'll just quickly change. Hmm, now my
    earrings don't got with this top. Does it matter that I wear the white and gold jewelry together? (Cocking my head to one side)...I don't know, somehow it's a different hue in this
    light...I just can't decide...oh what the crap I'll just wear it all!!!! Where we going again?
    Pass the pie!!