2,000,000,000+ THINGS AT ONCE

Driving to work today I decided to park right in front of my office instead of in the small parking lot a half a block away.  I was listening to music, in particular "Come On Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson.  So, I was driving, listening to music, watching people, traffic, thinking about something specific and then parking in front of my building.  I was doing many things at the same time.  As I pulled my car into the space, I for some reason wanted to hear the rest of the song.  Leaving my car running I just sat for a few more minutes.  Listening to the song I glanced out the driver's window and saw a handful of small sparrows playing and prancing on the pavement close to a storm drain cover just a few feet outside of my car door.  The music continued to play but I was mesmerized in watching their playfulness and activity.  Here I was a few feet away from these little birds that God had created.  It struck me - God knew where they were and what they were doing and at the same moment He knew where I was and what I was thinking and all about everything in my life.  Then my mind lept to the fact that there was a car coming down the street and God knew that person and their life at the same time still being totally present in mine and the birds movements.  Talk about multi-tasking!  God was so aware of everything and I mean everything all at the same time and yet, he was totally aware and present with each thing.  He knew all about me, the bird, the other driver and was in tune to all of us at the same time multiplied by the town, the county, the state, the country, the world.  How did He do that?  Yet, I did not feel like a number to Him.  I sensed that He knew the flow of my life.  God knew me with familiarity that could only come by being the Creator to the one He had created.  I was created by the Creator in deep love, with great purpose, and continued to be cared for in great up close and personal presence by Him.  God I sensed, at that moment in my car, to be showing Himself to me to be present with every move of the birds, every ebb and flow of my life because He loved me - the created one.  I felt a powerful love sitting there.  How did God balance taking care of the creations He had made with such purpose, deliberateness and presentness.  It made me take a deep breath and rest in His awareness of everything about me and my life. 

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