I'm not really sure what happened to all my wine glasses.  Maybe part of them left with my ex-husband when he left too.  I could only find two today in my house.  Not a problem normally as it's usually only me here and two suffices for one person.  But, three people would be here tonight for dinner and I needed another glass.  I contemplated what to do about that.  I mean I have two how would I find more to match the two I had?  Did they need to match? I mean isn't it kind of esoteric and trendy now to have mismatched items?  (I may have just made that up as I don't run in decorating circles nor do I typically watch HGTV).  I decided I didn't care if they matched - it's a stinking glass for crying out loud!  Way more interested was I in the wine that goes in it:)  Being someone who lives fairly minimalistically in surroundings, simple tastes in clothes and furnishings and who hates to spend money on "stuff", I decided Goodwill was the store to find another wine glass.  Wouldn't you know it, my lucky day - 50% off today!  There wasn't a huge selection of wine glasses, go figure.  I didn't care I just needed one.  There was no price on the glass I found.  Standing in front of the cashier she said, "That will be .27 cents."  Can you buy a candy bar for .27 cents or even a pack of tic tacs for that?  I think not. The two bottles of wine consumed over dinner with friends around my table cost way more than .27 cents.  My friends will comment on what I have on and then giggle at me and are astonished when I tell them, as I point to the article of clothing much like Vanna White does with the letters - "Goodwill".  Some I can tell feel I have stooped a little too low for them.  It just really doesn't bother me at all.  Much like the wine glass, why would I care about shopping there if it fits, looks great, and costs a fraction of the money I would spend somewhere else.  It's now a joke with my boss.  He will comment on whatever outfit I have on and I will smile and say, "Goodwill.  Cost?"  When we first started this Match My Clothing To The Correct Price game he guessed way too high.  He's finally catching on with a standard answer, "$2.50".   Sitting in a seminar not long ago with a colleague we were writing notes back and forth, of course some business things:) - but mostly just ridiculous stuff.  His note read, "Don't turn me in for sexual harassment because I don't mean it that way, but I love your jacket and you look great in it."  I scribbled back, "Goodwill $2.50."   His response, "Suckers are the only ones that pay full price!"  Now there's a man you may want to be your financial advisor.  One day just for fun I tallied up the cost of what I wearing - jacket $2.50, pants $3.00, shirt $2.50, shoes $5.  Looking good for $13.00, priceless.

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  1. reading this "the day after" makes me giggle...a.lot...everything in this blog makes me smile. Thanks for the memories!!