Being emptied of every last drop.  I think of that statement in what I do every morning as I finish a good cream laden cup of coffee.  I tip that cup up to get every last drop.  Why?  Well, I love coffee, and I want to completely empty the cup of coffee that may have cooled so when I pour in the next cup it is hot - not lukewarm.  I'm starting to think God adheres to that principle in my life too.  He keeps finding one more drop to get out of me, even while I think I can't take the pain of my heart being emptied of me.  Why? Why does God do that?  Does He want to hurt me?  I don't believe so, and yet I don't like it.  God somehow knows that we are capable of greater love, greater devotion and seeing His goodness more clearly if there is less of me dwelling in me.  He is trying to empty the cup of every last drop according to scripture so that we can experience His goodness which seems to only come when we are emptied out.  "Worship God if you want the best; worship opens doors to all the goodness."  How to worship while being emptied?  It is an act of true worship that in spite of what is being lost or broken or emptied out of us through events & circumstances we will trust Him for goodness.  In fact it looks like worship (God focused living) is actually the key to God's goodness.  I'm not sure how God's goodness always manifests itself - in tangible and non tangible ways.  Or, what exactly definably God's goodness is.  But I'm coming to understand that if the possessive form of God is used in front of goodness then it is safe to say since He is God it's going to be good.  With all that is at His disposal His goodness knows no limit or boundaries.  So then knowing that, why is it so hard to worship - to rid myself of me - to be emptied out of my desires so to be filled with God's goodness which comes as a result of making room?  Why is that so hard?  Tell me why? 

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