HE IS + I AM = ?

"God was in the details", is a quote attributed to German architect Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, 1886-1969.  His design style was a bit of "less is more" (one that I hold to in my own world) with works built in Europe, New York and Chicago.  I thought about that tonight.  God was in the details - less is more - and, faith in the process of being.   Not to wax philosophy or theology but at the core of those statements are some basic what is our existence and God's role in our lives kind of stuff.  If you are into philosophy or theology, want to giggle at my thoughts regarding things way bigger than I am, like to argue back on such issues or just have a curious spirit then keep reading.  If none of those things apply to you, then you may want to stop reading and try back tomorrow:)  Existentialism basically says that I, as an individual, am solely responsible for giving my life meaning and purpose - then living it passionately and sincerely in spite of obstacles and despite internal and external factors like a God view of intersection or a no God view of intersection in my life.  Whenever I get to these points of "details" or "decisions" in my life it seems I circle the existentialism God intersecting wagon train once again. Oh as a Christian, a follower of Christ, a believer whatever term you choose, I hold to a more mixed bag of existentialism.  For me, I know that ultimately I am responsible for having meaning and purpose in my life despite the circumstances in my life through a renewing of my mind and spirit which comes through the Holy Spirit - power from God, and a bit of personal responsibility and freedom to play out that meaning and purpose in our lives.   I don't think though that it is solely and entirely up to me to give my life meaning defined by what is always meaningful to me and me alone.  At what point does God intersect our existence and intertwine His purpose and meaning into ours in each decision we face?  The opposite of pure raw existentialism is the Sovereignty of God - to which I hold belief in too.  Although I don't believe we are swept through life like the movie, "The Truman Show", with God orchestrating every thing and we are pawns without choices.  Wow - our free will, God's sovereignty and our responsibility to then play it all out with meaning and purpose based on who we are and the choices we make.  There is though too such attention to detail in all that God does in creation, why would our lives be any different?  God is in the details.  Less (of belongings and usually myself) is more.  And, sometimes I need faith in the process of being - waiting on God to bring His meaning and purpose fully to mine.  Where does that intersect again:)  I have just circled the wagon train again! 

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