One Saturday several weekends ago on Notre Dame's opening home game day I got a text from my boss that said, "Cold Corona and Notre Dame.  Could someone please push the pause button for a couple of days!"  I laughed and laughed about that moment of pleasure he was having.  I too love when we  have those things in our lives where such a rivlet of pleasure comes that we don't want it to end.  Today was that day for me.  Really, I don't think it was just one thing that made it that way.  I took a vacation day today not because I had a long weekend away planned and wanted Monday off to extend my travels.  I spent my vacation day at home while my attic was being insulated.  There was nowhere I had to be at a certain time, looking a certain way, doing something for a set amount of time.  My day was free to interpret however I saw fit.  On top of it, the weather for October 11th was a perfect high 70's fall day.  I am never at home on a Monday so I don't really know what goes on in my neighborhood during the day.  Parking my laptop on the kitchen counter with a bar stool to set on, I sat down to look for a new job that I desperately need to find.  Distraction soon ensued.  The window above my kitchen sink is quite large - probably six feet in width.  What a view I had!  I watched old people walking, biking, small dogs being closely monitored by two blue haired ladies who appeared to be solving the world's problem's and perpetuating the hole in the ozone with their coiffed hairdos lacquered down with a fire hose of Aqua Net hairspray, aerosol can please.  I tried to pay attention to what I was doing, but found it hard as my eyes kept watching the colors, the activity of a crowd I don't normally see on my normal watch at home.  So, even in the neighborhood there were the day shifting walkers/runners/bikers/dog people and then the night crew.  I wondered if I was the only evening shift runner who now realized there were others on the planet who routinely exercised!  Oh I did oh such important stuff.  Called a friend on the phone, emailed another I dearly love, looked for jobs, talked to the insulation installers one of which was missing his front tooth, ran, read, listened to music, cleaned the bathroom, got a face book message from an old high school friend who wanted to meet for dinner tonight.   I also wondered if my AEP neighbor man always comes home in the middle of the day or if this special for some reason.  Realized too there are some in the neighborhood who start putting their trash cans curbside 1st thing on Monday morning for pick up Tuesday morning - so I guess they have no trash accumluating for the next 24 hours. Basically I just frittered away the day and had my own version of a "cold corona & Notre Dame" day.  A pause button would have been great for today.   At the restaurant I ordered a La Corona Martini and my friend, a male, ordered a glass of Riesling wine.  When the waiter came to the table he tried to give me the glass of wine and had mistakenly brought a bottle of cold Corona beer instead of the martini, which he tried to give to my friend.  We laughed and said no the girlie wine was for the boy at the table, the beer was an error, but the La Corona Martini went to me.  So, I guess I did end up with a version of a Corona day after all.  But I didn't find the pause button, yet:) 

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  1. Two things Big L...1) I think you need to take a Tuesday stacation day and solve the mystery of the moving trash can and 2) you missed an opportunity...since the Corona was a mistake, you could have said well since you have to throw that out anyway I will take it AND have a La Corona Martini. I know I time.