I was talking to my friend at work this week.  She wears a little cordless ear piece for her office phone and randomly roams around the office talking on the phone, eating lunch, really acting like she is working.  While in conversation with her she blurts out, "Lynn, I love when you call.  It's like you are fiber to me.  Every time I am on the phone with you I have to have a bowel movement!"  Her openness of that part of her life just made me laugh loudly.  If only it stopped there.  I keep talking in conversation and pretty soon she says, "Did you hear that?"   "No," I say, "what should I be hearing?"  She laughs, "The toilet that I just flushed!"  That was it! I told her that I believed from this experience she has with me every time we talk on the phone that I certainly hold some sort of shaman magical powers.  Now I have two sisters who through the years have done exactly the same while on the phone with me.  The freedom people exhibit in my presence.  My magical powers set them free:)  I'm thinking now I must hold some ability to evoke intestinal movement in people within merely the sound of my voice. I suddenly have visions of a circus act sort of thing that could possibly take the place of the bearded lady attraction.  No?  Through the years I've also realized that there must be something in the sound of my voice or the manner in which I speak that causes people to open up and say things well, that are bold, out there or intimate.  When I was married, and my mate was pastoring a church, one of the deacons came to me and asked me, "Lynn, I was just wondering if you like sex?"  I was a bit taken back by that bold question, but knew a bit of why he was asking - his own home situation with his wife.  Sometimes I figure if someone has courage to let something that personal out I am going to meet them right there.  I told him that I most definitely LOVED SEX!  My honesty and approachability causes people to say and do things that they don't with others.  It's been a mystifying thing for me over my life.  Once in that same church I was standing in the foyer after church talking to a group of ladies.  I had been ill off and on in that church and my weight was a whopping 90 pounds at that time.  Without notice one of the men in the church came up behind me and literally picked up me and carried me around the foyer!  No, you heard me right!!  Obviously I was caught off guard and pretty disturbed at the same time.  When, with some laughing on my part (no doubt nervously), he finally put me down I asked, "Bob, what in the world did you do that for!?"  He looked at me and I think realized what he had done, "Well, you are so little I just wanted to pick you up!"  I'm telling you this air of honesty, realness and approachability must eliminate boundaries for some!!!  Over the years I have had people, some I knew in a relationship sense and some total strangers, confess startling things, big emotional things, have melt downs in stores or while waiting in line, or sitting in a waiting room.  Some of those revelations have been of physical or sexual abuse in their lives, struggles, bits of emotional breakdowns.  Usually it comes out after a few sentences of interaction or questions about their lives.  Today I was in my backyard raking leaves when the husband of the couple that lives behind me came into my yard and greeted me like this, "Hey!  How is my saucy little divorced neighbor?"  Both extremely bold and funny - and, of course I laughed!  Again, my honesty and openness must cause others to let loose:)  In the office where I work many times I talk to our clients, vendors, and prospects.  Invariably I will find out something of grand interest that my boss has not.  Like recently one our clients who is a high ranking former military officer now a state policeman came in.  He is a tough, cocky ass sort of guy that emits piss and vinegar like the oxygen we breathe.  One day he was sitting in my office and through some questions he told me that he had sung all four years in college in the concert choir at a Big Ten school.  Now that was a revelation of huge magnitude - a chink in his tough guy persona.  I called him on it and how funny it was to picture Mr. Tough Guy singing in a tuxedo.  Honestly, I have no idea why people feel so free around me, but mostly I love it!  I must be like people truth serum.  And, obviously after this week I can add "intestinal movements" to my list of things I can magically extract from people!

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  1. LOL okay, I'm back...had to make a pit stop and take care of some bidness. It's the "nixie"
    in you my friend which accompanies a twinkle in your eyes that says, c' can trust me.
    It's like a fly caught in the spider's web.... once're a goner. But what a way to
    go BIG saucy divorced little wonder you!
    I love really love you!