I was close friends with my neighbor who lived directly across the street from me in my former location.  During parts of the year my red maple tree and her flowering cherry tree blocked the view from her living room to my spare room where I kept my ironing board.  But, during fall and winter, when leaves are gone, it was a clear view into both houses.  I finally confessed one day to her that it would be best if they didn't look at that corner of my house in the morning as I usually ironed in the buff, sometimes underwear but bottoms only:)  She, born and raised Catholic and still very devout, couldn't imagine living like that.  Really she laughed and shook her head and smiled.   I have this thing that I don't mind, even feel totally comfortable, without any or little clothing at times, in my own home.  Now before you think it's every time I walk in the door I am striping my clothes off - no.  But, in the mornings when I get ready I usually don't put my clothes on until I am ready to slip my shoes on, gather my belongings for the day and leave.  I like the feeling of freedom to be Au naturale'.  It's probably good that I had a daughter as I could freely live like that.  If I would have had a son, oh man I would have had to squelch my freedom desires.  Why am I like that?  Well, looking back I think it was environmental.  Both of my parents didn't seem to mind you seeing them in their underwear (ok I minded seeing them as a kid!!).  Both of my grandmothers never seemed bothered to undress or bathe with me in the room.  It just always seemed a natural part of life.  I think that's where I get it.  I also love to run on the treadmill in only my skivvies - I think it shaves a few seconds on my mile!!  Really I'm not an exhibitionist - I am covered when there are people around, my shirts aren't unbuttoned too far (but even if they were refer to the blog post "Four Lane Highways"), I don't wear tight clothes or short skirts (ok, don't typically wear a skirt!).  I did skinny dip a great deal with girlfriends growing up, have flashed a boy or two by accident in a pool, modelled a bathing suit in the 4-H fashion show (what was I thinking there!), have once or twice been laying in the sun on my stomach with my top undone and have forgotten and stood up to turn over, and accidentally streaked in front of my sister's boyfriend in high school.  Friends who know me well, get the biggest kick out of my uninhibited ways.  When I was married and staying with my in-laws once, my mother-in-law came out of her bedroom when I was in the hallway.  She shrieked and ran.  I laughed - she had a full slip on which looked like a dress but that was too much for her to be seen in that little of clothing.  The few weeks before my ex husband moved out - that period of time when he was looking for a place - my exhibitionist ways were a bit awkward.  For the first time in my life I felt conscious in those weeks as he would keep coming in wherever I was.  In fact it made me angry that he wanted to keep looking, but couldn't get love and beauty right while in marriage.  I think I shared that with a friend of mine, who as a man said, "Well, you can't fault him.  What man wouldn't want to see beauty especially if he knows it's the end of it."  I finally put my clothes on till he moved out.  Oh that cramped my style:)   I'm back to my uninhibited in the nude ways.  I'm telling you there is freedom in it.  Try it, you'll like it:)


  1. Can't do it Big L ~ still only on Step 2 of Mennonite recovery. Good for you tho! Just make sure Mr Garbage Can Menno-Man doesn't get
    free shows....on second thought...what the hell, go for it. Might be the only excitement in his life. =)

  2. I'm with Maude...can't do it while ironing...too much room and space. But I can do it in my teeny weeny half bathroom while curling my hair. Maybe I'm on Step 3 of the 2.5 Steps Up recovery plan.