I like simple clean lines of clothing.  So, when shopping if I find something I like within this small window of likable things I am willing to wear, I buy it.  This particular day of shopping in the early summer I ran across a jacket for work - black of course:)  It was linen and free feeling not boxy and business like, and hit at about the hipbone. I purchased it and hung it in the closet when I got home without cutting the tag off.  That's not unusual for me not to cut the tag off until I wear it in case I change my mind.  Actually a few weeks went by before I wore it.  The day I chose to wear it was a morning I was meeting my boss, my friend and her boss for breakfast.  We all used to work in the same office and were just missing the camaraderie and connectivity we had on a daily basis.  Here I was in my new black linen jacket, a great pair of heels, a pair of black pants and a little white cami.  It was a great outfit.  We all get to the restaurant early that morning and are sitting there enjoying each other's company and laughing up a storm (which is what we did all day long when we worked together).  The waitress comes and takes our order.  My breakfast party laughs at my typical order of oatmeal as they all get artery clogging yummy food.  Very quietly the waitress who took our order slips up behind me and tries to quietly whisper something to me, "Ma'am, you have a tag hanging from your armpit."  Well, I bust out laughing reach under my arm and sure enough there hung the tag proudly for all to see along with that little zip bag that an extra button comes in.  I give it a tug and it comes right off.  The table guests with me began to die with extreme laughter at the thought of me looking so stylish but walking around with the tag and button hanging from my armpit.  I go to that same restaurant usually once a week.  For weeks and weeks after that the staff would come up to me when I walked in and I would spin around for them asking them to please check for tags.   Years ago I was walking in a mall by myself.  Just casually walking, thinking and watching people as I walked.  This woman walking toward me stops me and says, "Excuse me, but did you know you have a sticker tag on the back of your leg?"  I had a new pair of jeans on and evidently much like the jacket incident had not removed the size sticker tag that runs down the pant leg sometimes.  So I had been walking through the mall with a foot long size sticker tag on.  I'm wondering if people thought I had just walked out of a store without paying for them or if they wondered if I wanted people to really, really know what size my jeans were.  You would think that this would have taught me to cut the tags off immediately when I get home.  It hasn't.  In fact the other day I put on a new bra and all of sudden felt something poking me.  It was the tag:)  So if you happen to ever see me in public, please don't hesitate to remove tags or stickers from me.

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  1. Wow Big your current state of affairs I am surprised that you would part with any type of currency to purchase an article of clothing that if it's not donned, it's not missed. I am curious though, do you iron that as well? ;)