I wore a plaid pencil skirt today with a cream colored cami and this little corduroy fitted jacket.  For some reason, I was behind the eight ball with time this morning.  I mean it was Tuesday morning and I had to meet my friend for our normal breakfast 6:45 a.m.  After ironing my shirt, my skirt and finally my jacket I notice there are 3 buttons missing on the jacket.  Crap!!  I don't have time to iron anything else and make it to breakfast reasonably on time.  So I find some thread and a needle and throw the buttons in my purse and head out.  I'm just going to have to sew them on sitting at my desk at work.  Later sitting at my desk I threaded the needle but decided for strength reasons to double it up as I sewed the buttons on.  As I'm weaving the thread in and out of the holes in the button from back to front I started to think about thread and what it does.  That thread woven into the fabric and into the button merged them together.  The button without being on the jacket would not serve its full purpose - it would never be able to close something.  And, the jacket with missing buttons would be unable to look as lovely or be fastened closed.  My life is made of things woven into it similar to what thread does.  I thought about experiences I have had, and even though the circumstance might leave or change the effect or result is woven into who I am.  I thought about people in my life.  Their thread of connectivity either through the past, present or future makes me see and ultimately actualize my full purpose.  Those people who have been threaded through my life have made it stronger by not only their numbers, but by their presence and impact on this unfolding creation called Lynn.  Once I got those buttons sewed on I looked at them - all that thread layered and layered on itself made it complete.  Without destroying what I had just sewn there was no easy way to separate all those threads and, if I could, the button would not be as strongly attached.  God also weaves His thread into me and it is the larger doubled over thread in me.  I guess I am held together with thread figuratively speaking anyway.

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