I went to the grocery store tonight because I had been procrastinating doing it.  Going to the grocery store (and pretty much all shopping in general) is neck and neck to win first prize with putting gas in my car for activities that I despise.  No really, I don't like to shop for groceries and I hate putting gas in my car.  I figured out tonight why I don't like either of those things; time.  It would appear to me that they are both time wasters, that is for me anyway.  So, what I do is two things; I wait at least 30 miles past when my empty fuel light in my car comes on (it has now begun to also be a game of risk, gambling and thrill seeking), and, only when prompted by either having company over or there is virtually no food to eat in the house, do I go to the grocery store.  There are some stores that I can put up with more than others.  Walmart is not one of those stores.  I hate Walmart!  Oh don't get me wrong Sam Walton was no doubt a business genius.  And much like the crew at Apple computers, he knew how to get ahead of the curve of what's the next up and coming shopping phenom.  There are a myriad of reasons why I hate Walmart; the yellow smiley face indicating prices have been rolled back, the fact that virtually every item says 'made in China', the blue smocks employees wear, the gray painted cement floor, the old men who greet you just inside the door along with the lady who always wants to give you a cart, the 2nd string fruits and vegetables whose refrigeration life span once purchased is about 2 days, the circular wheel that holds all the plastic shopping bags that the cashier spins - lovingly named "Wheel O' Bags" that is by me, that I can eat Subway, get my hair cut, and buy moon pies too cause me to hate this All-American sensation of Walmart.  Those are reasons a plenty!   I also don't like Walmart because it feels plastic, cheap, mass produced and very contrived.  And, well frankly, I just get a funky vibe in there.  Why do I need my product, as its brand name, to be called GREAT VALUE - am I unable to see that on its own!     ...."Thanks for shopping at Walmart, come again!" (btw, I didn't go to Walmart tonight for groceries.)

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