Profound is a word we just don't use much.  It's a great word with a clear picture attached.  Maybe that's why we don't use it often - it has an exact and powerful meaning, and to show reverence to the word, it's only used when absolutely necessary.  For instance, it doesn't fit in the following sentence; While running tonight my spandex cotton running pants would not stay up on my waist and I was profoundly fearful that my butt crack was showing as the further I ran the lower they slunk.   Somehow the word profound seems out of place there - it cheapens the magnitude and power of the word.  It seems to work better in this context; The events and tragedy of 9/11 had a profound effect on our nation.  Or maybe; Her words were profound and made me think in a way I haven't before. (I'm sure that is no doubt what all the readers of this blog think regarding what they read here daily!)  You hear the phrase, "he is profoundly deaf".  How about, "the quietness was profound"?   Webster's definitions of profound are very good; having intellectual depth & insight, difficult to fathom or understand, all encompassing, intensity of feeling.  I created a variation on that definition of profound;  more than completely, in a way that causes nothing else in with it.  I will submit my reworked definition to Mr. Webster, or Wikipedia at the very least, which is the online people's version of the "if you put it on the internet it's got to be true" dictionary.  I thought about my version of the word profound and wondered how it would look attached to love.  I mean how would profound attach itself to love or being in love.  Not love in the, "I love ice cream or I love roller coasters" kind of love, but in the soul connecting love of a lifetime kind of love.  Parking my mental bus there for a time I strolled around how that would look - being profoundly in love.  Is that a double statement in and of itself, as we typically know being in love as being all encompassing?   Yes, maybe.  Profoundly in love would take love to a place light years past infatuation.  It would mean there is an intellectual depth and insight in the love that cannot always be understood or easily described but that encompasses all parts of who you are and all parts of who the other person is - an intensity of feelings.  So full of that intensity that the profoundness causes nothing else but love to be in the love.   Oh, I think I like that.  I'm absolutely profoundly sure I want that.  You?

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  1. I have a friend who has had a profound effect on my life!