There is something special about darkness. . . a quietness, a stillness.  I love to run after the sun sets for the day or before it appears in the morning.  It's a spiritual experience for me daily.  The thing I notice too is that as winter approaches the darkness is blacker, heavier like a blanket.  Running along the streets in the dark I see people snuggled in their houses where it is safe and warm.  The funny thing is I feel that same warmth and security while running in the dark alone.  

Running in the dark poses some issues though.  You literally can't see as far ahead as you can in the light, nor can you see things around you as sharply.  What that does is make my senses sharp for what's right in front of me - the next step.  Because of the darkness, I have to pay attention to my steps.  There are some obstacles that arise quickly since I can't see ahead very far; a pile of leaves in the road, sticks, a pot hole, uneven pavement.  For me that's part of what I love about the whole experience - living in that step, that moment as it comes.  In fact, it's funny that anyone would even run in the dark.  That really doesn't make sense, running when you can't see everything clearly.  It's sort of like running with scissors.

I thought about running in the dark and how it relates to trusting and following God.  If I am following God's leading in my life it is exactly like running in the dark.  I say RUNNING because to follow God with surety and faith we have to abandon comfortable (walking), and trust Him for the next step (to see the pile of leaves).   There is to me an anticipation, a warmth, a security in running in the dark with God for things in my life.  He gives me glimpses of things just enough to keep me running toward what I know.  There is a focus in running with God in the dark - a singleness of purpose that I don't get when all the lights are on.  I love how God, who is LIGHT and all it means, loves to get me to RUN in the darkness to focus on Him and not everything around me.   

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  1. I admire that in you Big L...I couldn't do it. (Not just the running but the whole in dark thing) :D