Attributed to an old English proverb, "The eyes are a window to the soul" is a familiar statement to most.  Theoretically it means eyes give a clue to what another person is thinking.  Our mind streams into our soul.  Well, if that is indeed true then I have a picture window showcasing the contents of my soul.  

I have large eyes.  Literally if you saw a picture of me you would say, "My, what big eyes she has!"  Growing up my two older sisters would occasionally say, "You have cow eyes."  It was a statement I could track on since we grew up on a farm.  Cows were familiar to me.  In fact, I had a pure black pet cow which I named Bear.  He had beautiful big dark eyes that showed kindness in them.  I really didn't mind too much that they called me "cow eyes".  Though due to their size, I sometimes hate that my eyes easily betray my thoughts.  

People have said some interesting things to me over the years about my eyes, besides cow eyes.  Just to name a few; you could be a model from the nose up (was that a back handed compliment-wait, not a compliment at all!), your eyes will get you what you want in life (still waiting on that fulfillment of prophecy), your eyes show very clearly who you are (who am I again?), you've got nixie in your eyes (duh!), your eyes tell me you're going to die (when exactly as I need to mark that on my calendar), there is that blue eyed beauty (I wasn't aware I had blue eyes -think the old man was color blind), I see trouble brewing in those eyes (trouble is such a subjective word isn't it?).  

Not only are my eyes rather large, but they are not a constant color.  Sometimes they are very green and other times, they lean toward a grayish smokey hue.  I was asked in the bureau of motor vehicles (DMV), when recently updating my driver's license, what my eye color was.  What a dilemma!  I couldn't decide so I asked the clerk to look at them at that moment and decide what color they were right then. She laughed.  My favorite comment on my eyes though is, "I could get lost in your eyes".  I love that because if our eyes are a window to our soul and ultimately our mind, then what a grand compliment both physically and intellectually.  

Remember the grandmother in Little Red Riding Hood when the big bad wolf came disguised as Little Red Riding Hood wanting to eat her?  "My, what big eyes you have!", said Grandmother.  "The better to see you with, my dear!", said the big bad wolf.

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  1. I personally have seen many a thing in those beautiful mysterious orbs of yours. Sometimes
    tho you may want to wear sunglasses so people can't see exactly what's going on in there. It
    may terrify them (or delight)hhmmmmm. ;D