I, compared to most people, can appreciate unique, trail blazing kinds of people, personalities, thoughts, names, designs, creativity, all foods, opinions and even the political leanings of most.  Appreciation does not mean I would want it, believe it, eat it, or even hold to that train of thought.  It does though mean I'm ok if you do and can usually see, based on the person, that they are operating in who they are.  I relish that in people - being true to who you are.  There are though, a few things in life though that I don't get.  And although again, most everything in life is subjective, I believe these fashion trends are notYesterday I was talking to someone regarding our mutual dislike of the following; skinny jeans and those strange drappie flowing tops that women wear.  To that list I am going to add; ballet shoes (not the actual ones worn by the ballerinas in "The Nutcracker") and those horrific rubber clogs which appear to be made in only loud, bright colors.  Skinny jeans make no sense to me in the culture and overweight society we live in.  Thankfully I haven't seen too many overweight people wearing them (they are way smarter than that!).  My daughter who is 23, weighs 100 pounds and tops the height chart at maybe 5'1', wears them all the time.  They make me laugh.  It's bad enough when women/girls wear them.  But, when I see a guy/man in them I turn immediately ridiculously hysterical.  No one, even thin people, look right in pants that are painted on ever so tightly and then dramatically hug your calves coming to tight closure at the ankle much like a Ziploc bag.  They make everything appear to be balanced on a pin point.  Not subjective, just wrong period.  The wonderful array of flowing and drappie shirts for women made of some strange fabric sewn into a formless wad of material that does nothing to flatter a shape, are another thing that really need to be removed from all stores - FOR ALL ETERNITY!  Shopping with my daughter we were trying on clothes together in the dressing room.  She, of course, was trying on stacks of those "shirts" that I loathe.  Being very sincere, she suggested I try on the tops she had just taken off.  Oh, I didn't want to, but thought I would appease her and create some laughter.  I donned that drappie crazy ass length and fabric no shape shirt - with a pattern on it and all.  I turned to her while looking in the mirror.  She said, "Mom, you look great in that shirt.  Really."  I took one look at my 44 year old self and said, "You are lying out your ass that I look good in this.  And, there is no way in hell I would ever wear this!"  She busted a gut in laughter:)   I have great issue also with two types of shoes (well really more, but I will focus all my hatred on these two); the ballerina style flat and the colorful rubber clog.  I don't get either and believe (deep seated by the way) they make people look out of balance once again.  The ballerina style flat (again my daughter wears them all the time - combined with those stupid skinny jeans) gives no balance or depth to the ending of a person's body.  It's like ankle, then floor - making most outfits look not finished and that the person was just too lazy to get real shoes.  I can see possibly where giants would want to wear them, to appear a bit shorter.  But, short people.... don't you want to appear a bit taller!  Then there are the oh so popular rubber slip on clogs that were all the rage for quite some time and still are (at least in this part of the country).  They typically do the opposite of the ballerina shoe.  They make the person's foot appear to be 10 times as wide and long as it really is.  I take issue with wearing only rubber, not lined with anything, that has been engineered with air holes in it because wearing ONLY rubber on your foot would most definitely cause an odor problem.  The other day while out running I ran by a man and woman walking their small dogs.  No joke, they both had pink rubber clogs on - matching each other.  Once out of their line of vision I laughed out loud.  That poor man.  Pink.  Rubber.  Clogs!  What in the hell!! 

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  1. Did I ever tell you when my family went to see the Nutcracker...saw lots of spandex...hugged calves...and other parts. ALSO want to point out that the BIG L said "issue." All that's missing is an "s." just sayin