Ok, everyone out there in the blog peanut gallery, those known who come to Lynn's swirling mind screen daily and, those who are anonymous and show up but leave no trace - this is the 101th blog post.  Can I hear a cheer, a boo, a small whisper of "is she ever going to stop!"  For those that have been along on this journey - thank you for reading and stopping by to be puzzled by me, learn your dictionary better, horrified over my blatant honesty over body parts and diarrhea, learn my take on colors and Christmas craps, church history, grace, see my struggles and come to know of my desire to become the next Andy Rooney.  I thought about numbers since recounting this is the 101th blog post.  There are numbers for everything in life.  I mean if you're in the military you're assigned a military identification number.  Birth puts us in line for a social security number which follows us through every financial transaction and job of our life and even our death certificate bears its number.  We are asked our height and weight at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles - which most us remain our height and weight from age 16 when we first obtained our driver's license until we pass on:) Our paychecks bear a number - albeit a smaller one than what we wish.  All of us have a phone number, an address which consists of some grouping of numbers.  Our vehicles have a VIN number and also a license plate number.  I do so hate when checking into a hotel that they want your license plate number!  Like I have that memorized.  It always involves me going out to the parking lot and then reciting it over and over again so I don't forget it by the time I get back in to write it down (and I have a time or two!).  There are IQ test score numbers (I wonder what mine would I don't know as I would no doubt lose the fake sense of intelligience I currently hold onto).  We are measured for college entrance by our ACT or SAT scores (I can't remember what my score was - probably good again!).  We have lab tests done which give us numbers for indicators/measurements/markers of something good or bad.  By the way my cholesterol number is 149.  One vivid number memory I have that has stayed with me all these years is from 7th grade Home Economics class.  I wasn't real fond of art or home ec to be quite honest.  In art class if it didn't involve me drawing a sun, a house, grass or trees I failed miserably at it.  Hated sewing and well cooking, I wanted to create not follow a recipe:)  On this particular day we were to pair up with another girl in class and take our body measurements - bust, waist and hips.  My best friend and I paired up, and for good reasons did we choose each other.  Neither of us could ever be serious for more than a span of several minutes which made most everything in life way more fun - even taking body measurements.  I took her measurements first.  Honestly I don't remember her waist or hip measurements but I would imagine they were amazingly close to her bust measurements as she was built similar to me in the 7th grade.  Her bust was 29 inches.  We roared laughing!  We were also making jokes and comments as my second cousin was also in our class but had "blossomed" very early and spy indicators were throwing us a 34 inch number from across the room for her.  Angie took my measurements - I lost to her.  Can you imagine being worse than 29 inches?  I came in at a whopping 27 inches!  I can't remember my locker combination that I had for four years in high school but I can still remember 27 inches for my bust in 7th grade Home Ec class.  Just last year I think I made it to a 32!!!  I'm calling Angie to tell her:)  It's only a number, right - just like age! 


  1. I agree Big L...only a when I step
    on the scale, or get my cholesterol checked, or
    do my leg lifts in bed, 1 or 50, what do it matter...only a number.

  2. BTW, kudos on the 101st blog...looking forward to many more!