Just enough.  Just enough.  Who determines what is just enough in my life?  Obviously I think I know what is enough, but did I really?   I mean did I want more than I needed?   Did I think I knew exactly what the provision of God looked best like manifested in my life?  As I laid in bed early this morning (one of the 3 places that my very best thinking occurs; bed, bathtub, running), I talked to God again about moment living -how to break down feeling overwhelmed, doubting, fears, sorrow.  Manna.  That's what I heard.  Just the word manna.  Laying there I let God's presence speak to my heart.  Manna, God said again to me.  Let Me provide today and only today what you need.  Let tomorrow come Lynn, God spoke reassuringly to me, and I will bring you manna for tomorrow.  Let Me sustain you, provide what you need in this day for this moment, at this time.  Don't run ahead of Me and My manna, God again said.  I am enough, just enough, He whispered with care from One who sustains the whole universe moment by moment.  I was a child of Israel - thinking God's provision wasn't quite enough, which left me lacking, frustrated and fearful.  In a child's voice I asked Him to please forgive my stupidity and lack of faith.  His manna He held to me was enough.  As I gently and cautiously maneuvered through the day with weepiness, I stopped time and time again declaring out loud what God had promised me - manna for today, not what was needed for tomorrow, but what I needed today.  Today manna is enough.  If I remember the manna story correctly, it came every day for exactly what the children of Israel needed to eat for that day.  No more, no less.  If they tried to store it up, it rotted.  He wanted to show them and me that trust is a daily thing - Manna is new daily.   You God are more than enough for each day.  You God, give it in abundance if I just trust that your provision is better than what I think I need. 


  1. Thanks Big L...I needed that!

  2. Can you hear me say in an Austin Powers voice: "Manna, Baby, Manna."

  3. pull out these pieces and put them together - call it what you want, but it's a powerful story of faith, and utter dependence on Him...perhaps it's going to be your 'june'.