Certain things in life hold a power that really defy total explanation or sometimes complete definition.  There are words and phrases that can capture part of the depth of it, but it still leaves a portion of the power, the intimacy that it holds, uncaptured by language alone.  Four things hold that undefinable explanation and power for me; smells, nature, music and love. Those things possess the ability to bring a powerful memory to vivid life-to full living color, to see things within their presence that you couldn't without them, to experience a time-a place-a moment all over again, to hear the voice of God more clearly, to be more with Love than you are without it, to feel something so big and yet so small and personal that it just can't be boundaried with human words alone.  Music is a powerful force.  It is debatable what style of music does what to certain people.  Preference is always subjective.  But music has sway - the ability to speak to a part of us that no other medium can.  Music, since its inception, created a way for people as an avenue to express, to feel, to communicate a message with notes, chords and rhythm, speed, syle and variations.  Music is amazing to me, much like nature is.  It holds similar potency.  How can certain notes, combinations of them, rhythms, and patterns evoke a feeling, a thought, allow us to create, communicate something in our spirits, tell a complete story, heal us, move our hearts or even free us?  There is a bit of mystery in music.  I think God uses music a great deal.  It's recorded in scripture of the many, many times music was used for victory, celebration, expression, declaration, worship or just reflection.  So, without a doubt God created it as a route to experience something undefinable with just words alone - something only an instrument, a note can speak.  Music is also so intimate and personal that it is interpreted by each listener or creator of it a bit differently for what their soul needs at that moment.  Strings hold that mastery for me.  The give and take of strings, the rise and fall of their combinations speak and soothe me like probably no other.  The beautiful freedom of an acoustic guitar, simple and unadorned, pull my heart without fail in ways that I can't articulate.  Other times, the loud rhythms and fast combinations of electric guitars, drums, and voices mysteriously make me want to move from the inside out - setting all of me free.  Things created by God are always too big, too wild, too intricate to box and wall in with complete explanation.  Music is a spirit, soul, mind, emotion and body experience.  I cannot explain totally its power, its majesty, its delight to the center of me, what it creates within me.  But, I think in music is hidden a bit of mystery only known totally by its originator, God.  Music is a language all its own and I have always loved when it speaks to me.  I still do:)


  1. Prolly your daughter didn't play the trombone in middle school band...

  2. wow miss cherrie - your words are like poetry - you have a gift that few will ever have....i thought it very profound...can't stop reading.

  3. I played the french horn!!! First chair! ... then again I was the ONLY french horn player.