S H E C O U L D G O A L L T H E W A Y! (said in Howard Cosell's voice)

I am in good shape for a woman in her middle forties.  I'm not saying that in and of itself is a guarantee for living long, I just love exercise.  My intensity with exercise stems not just from my personality, but the fact that for a few years when I was very ill I couldn't do this thing that I love.  Now I can again and I count it a gift to be able to move and to push myself physically - a daily reminder of God's gift back to me.  If you have some exercise knowledge then you know (and if you are Big D, my daughter, or those that subscribe to the < 2 leg lifts a day exercise protocol then you might learn something here) something called muscle confusion or tricking (not the term for what a prostitute does either!).  The premise is that if you do the same exercise at the same intensity every day your muscles don't get maximized, they know what to expect.  So, to mix it up and "confuse" them, forcing them work harder and change shape, you have to change duration and intensity along with throwing in different types of exercise.  Some days I run harder and shorter distances, and other days I run slower and more miles.  Once in awhile I run a couple of miles and then walk a fast mile or two just to mix it up a bit.  But several times a week I throw in weights and specific muscle concentrations.  Being "relentless", as someone once told me I was, I love to shove myself over the edge from time to time - it's actually fun for me.  One night I did 150 squats and then 100 kick box moves on each leg along with weights for my upper body.  What a feeling of exhilaration that lasted for several days when I couldn't sit comfortably on my padded office chair without a grimace or two - which was most entertaining for my office comrade.  I conquered something though with that pain which left me feeling a bit like Rocky Balboa (more like the aging Rocky in Rocky XXII).  Yesterday I lifted weights - not heavy ones, maybe 15-20 pounds.  Same weight I normally use, but I took my normal reps to the third power, two complete routines of it.  Running tonight holding my arms in that 90 degree angle hurt so bad I actually said "ouch" multiple times on the four mile route.  Just sitting here typing this my pectoral muscles are whimpering a bit.  Oh don't feel sorry for me, I love it!  It's also always been a great way to work things out of my mind and spirit.  Even now my dear 2 leg lift a day friend is shaking her head saying, "Why Lynn?  Why would anyone do that to themselves?".   Some people drink 2 pots of coffee a day, or smoke weed, drink a six pack a day, eat fast food or gray colored meatloaf every day for lunch, or possibly log onto porn daily.  Others, like myself and a group of exercise junkies, love to feel the pain of pushing yourself just past comfortable.  Oh, I also did 150 crunches yesterday just to feel the burn, confuse the muscles and leave a bit of a lasting imprint for the next day.  Mission accomplished and now I'm ready for bed.  I'm exhausted :)     


  1. reminds me of the backward walks of yesteryear and the elderly gentleman's little smile!

  2. ok big to begin. see it's not that i don't exercise,
    it's just that i try to make every
    minute of my day count. take my coffee mug, it's a big ass coffee mug (my 8 lb weight)...then there is my arm exercise, every time a copy is printed i wheel back and whip my arm around to retrieve it and if it's for someone other than me i stretchhh from my chair to put it in the box...mail...i try to walk to the p.o. at least once a week, whew...oh, and there are steps there too...lets see, oh the water and fridge are quite a distance from my desk, as is the powder room and if i walk that several times a day that really adds up. sometimes i walk slow and sometimes fast. and the walk across the street to taco bell for my lunch while risking my life just crossing the street (ppl drive nuts in m-town). sometimes i walk to the new candy store. so seeee, while i may not run a straight 4 miles i feel that i get equivalent to that if i add a full days muscle movement (especially if i start the day with the 2 leg lifts in bed). btw i ordered a t-shirt that said "i am NO shape to exercise" just for fun. want one?