How do we come to know certain things in life?  I mean really, there is not enough classroom or instructional time to learn everything we need to know - to navigate with knowledge all of life.  Sitting in my boss's office today we touched on this subject matter in relation to the information we both need to know to do what we do.  There is though, no possible human way to know it all.  There is just way too much stuff to possibly keep it all contained in the front of the mind filing cabinet.  I've somewhat always adhered to a more laid back and free-spirited way of approaching situations of the unknown or those in the lacking knowledge category.  It's simple for me - I learn something when I need to know how to do.  Especially do I adopt that system of discovery when there is just too much to understand all at once.  My boss and I agreed that we both utilize that attainment of knowledge system readily and it keeps us from being overwhelmed.  I then thought about how we ultimately come to hold and know what we know.  How do I know what I know?   Who taught me all of it?  How much was taught and how much was just caught by observing, being thrown in situations or by doing it wrong?  Go further even than that.  How do I know certain things clear through to my soul and spirit?  How do I know I love someone?  How do I know that God, even though at times silent, knows every square inch of my mind, heart, soul, spirit and body?  How do I know that tomorrow the sun will come up?  How do I know what direction to take in life?  How do I know when something or someone is right for me - that it's my path specifically?  How do I know how to navigate directions with little effort?  How do I know how to engage other people and get them to open up to me?  How do I know how to put up a light or fix a toilet?  How do I know that there is a new season in my life?  How do I know when it's time to leave a job, follow a dream, push myself, let go, grieve, trust my heart?  There is a lot to know in life.  There is a lot that comes through our lives that we have no reference point to, no directions we can follow, no manual or how-to.  How do I know what I know?  How do you know what you know?  I love the line in the movie Rudy where Rudy goes to see Father Hesberg and asks him the tough questions of life.  I love the Father's response, "I know one thing.  There is a God and I am not him."  I love that line.  It's true.  There is no way to know everything.  And, there is no way to know how we collectively come to know knowledge or how to do things or how we sense things or how to navigate through life.  I like that I don't have to know it all at once.  I subscribe totally to situational how to knowedness.   It allows me to travel lightly and constantly cycle in new information and knowledge as I need to know it.  How did I know how to set a blog?  I didn't, but learned it as it became important and necessary for me to do so.  When I needed and wanted to know I researched and fiddled and figured it out.  I asked my mom when I was a kid,  "Mom, how will I know who to marry?"  She replied, "You'll just know."  I hated that response to my question at the time.   All these years later I have come to know in learning, in knowledge, in careers, in relationships I do just know. Hunger, curiosity, desperation and desire are all reasons that drive me to know something. Then, what to do with what I know:) 

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