I just got done lifting weights for about 40 minutes.  My philosophy probably differs from that of a trainer or weight lifter.  I lift and do reps until I cannot raise my arm in that pattern one more time.  Then usually I repeat the whole circuit at least 2 times.  I'm just trying to exhaust the muscle (and myself!) and keep perpetual aging gravity at bay:)  Today was no different as I lifted.  My mind wandered purposefully to my overflowing heart of thankfulness that I could lift weights - that my body would allow me the energy and stamina to do it - that I could enjoy one of my loves . . . exercise.  There was a time in my life where getting off the floor or getting dressed was all the mental and physical energy my body could maneuver.  Yesterday I ran 4 miles.  I am not overly fast.  My goal is not to break records, but just to have the privilege of breathing the air, moving my legs and feeling the results of nature and exercise combined.  There was a time in my life where I could not run.  Never is there a day when I do any form of exercise that I do not thank God profusely for the ability and gift of it in my life.  I am very cognizant each and every time I hold a weight, pedal a bike, run the miles, do crunches and push ups, or just walk without having to talk myself through it, of the blessing of movement and joy that it brings me.  During those years that took away my ability to move freely, to push myself, to experience nature, or the exhaustion of physical exercise that leaves you with a feeling of unbridled joy & accomplishment, I struggled over the loss of that love in my life.  This morning as I finished exhausting a muscle group, I had pure joy and contentment coursing through me.  I also paused to thank God for the gift of movement and that I get to experience and participate in something that I love.  I purposefully do not forget what it was like to not have the ability to participate in running, biking, lifting weights, walking, moving freely.  Not forgetting makes having it all the more sweeter.  I love when my legs or arms or abs burn and hurt - it's a reminder that I can and do!

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  1. LOVE THIS! We often don't realize
    what we have til it's gone (isn't there a song like that)