For those of you blogites out there who have quit logging onto this blog because you kept checking it daily and realized I had become firstly, a slacker breaking my 130 day run.  And secondly, I became totally absent from expressing mind boggling, earth moving and soul changing thoughts.  My daughter informed me tonight that I needed to dedicate a post to confessions of an errant blog poster and beg for your forgiveness.  I asked who "your" encompassed and she responded with, "the faithful one, Maude".  There are things in my life that I can remember in generalities.  I can remember the time frame, but maybe not the exact date or day of the week or sometimes the exact year.  Is that a sign of aging or that certain events don't warrant those types of minute mental postings?  There are other things in my life that I can remember with the utmost clarity - the date, the day of the week, the weather conditions, what I thought at that moment, and can clearly feel it all over again when I recall it.  Five dates stand in extreme bold yellow highlighting in my heart and mind.  First, the birth of my daughter, my only child, on July 24, 1987.  It was a hot day with high humidity and I panicked in labor stating, "It's ok!  I'll just stay fat forever.  I don't want to give birth!"   July 24th in 1987 was a Friday and it was then my beautiful and sparky daughter entered my world.  Next, I can remember Tuesday, November 2nd, 2000.  You might think I readily remember that date because of the greatly contested presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.  No, for me it's the night that started an eight year journey of cancer for my ex-husband.  It's the day I heard a surgeon call me into a small room from a waiting room of people to tell me he had removed what he could but there remained still a considerable amount of cancer.  Vividly I recall March 12, 1999 as the day my family doctor called with the results of some tests and let me know I had full blown Type I diabetes from a virus that had attacked my pancreas.  Most recently I remember Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 as my first date post-divorce from an matching.  It was a day that changed my life from that day forward.  From that December 28th date it led to the most remarkable day of my life - Friday, January 28th, 2011.  The day I stood in the city clerk's office next to this man I passionately loved and said "I Do" to a life of love, passion, laughter, playfulness, soul connection, shared interests, intellectual stimulation and magical physical attraction.    And thus, those last and most recent dates directly correspond to my absence from blogging - though just a bit of a sabbatical.  I'm back - just mark the date:)

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