I live in a state where it is still legal to talk on your cell phone while driving.  Maybe it won't always be that way, but presently there is no law against it.  Is it smart, wise or road savvy - questionable.   It is also very subjective to say that some people are better equipped personality and driving skill wise to handle adding another task to the driving mix.  Now who then would like to become the judge of that:) Is self nomination too pretenuous on my part to nominate myself for that position?   Seriously there are tests to determine personality types, IQ, educational placement markers, and Vogue even has a test to find out whether you really love the person you're with.  Shouldn't there be another test given through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to decide competency of driving and talking on the cell phone?  Today on my way home from work I was talking to my friend.  Glancing (really looking good I might add) behind me there is a car about 3 car lengths back.  His lane and my lane merged coming up to the stoplight.  I pulled ahead with considerable space between us.  As he came closer to me I could see him over exaggerating the motion of talking on a cell phone with his hand to his ear and then taking it down and shaking his fist at me.  He repeated this thespian act following me to the entrance ramp to the highway I was entering.  I waved to him at one point as he continued his gesturing with his hand the universal sign for a phone - thumb to ear and pinkie to mouth.  I continued to shake my head in laughter and tell my girlfriend what the guy behind me was doing.  Upon closer investigation I surmissed that it really was not my driving, as I had not pulled in front of him dangerously or recklessly, but rather based on the small hybrid car he drove and how he physically looked, he was just morally opposed to talking on the cell phone while driving.  My initial reaction was laughter but as I pen these words I am compelled to hope that his deep seated anger of cell phone talking drivers stems from more than a hybrid car-earth loving-hemp wearing position he seemed to hold.  But, maybe he or someone he loved dearly had an accident or even a death due to cell phone usage while driving.  I'm not sure - it's just a theory I came up with to give him grace for his ridiculous behaviour.  My next thought was I wished I had a bull horn attached to my car as I would have said the following to him, "Please Mister, I not only talk on the phone while I drive, but have actually changed my clothes while driving.  On top of that I used aeresol hairspray this morning too - widing the hole in the ozone and possibly contributing to global warming. Oh, and last night....I was too tired to clean out the three cans of tomato products I used to make lasagna and place them in the recyclables.  Instead I threw them in the trash.  What exactly do you think of me now Mr. Hybrid?" 

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  1. you're such a rebel...a real b.a. if you will