I thought about the word comfort today.  The noun definitions of comfort speak about; a state of ease or well-being, relief from affliction/grief, someone/thing that brings solace or ease.  The verb definitions are the action it takes to produce the noun part of comfort - bringing physical relief, cheering someone, soothing a soul/a hurt/the body/mind/spirit.    The Apostle Paul begins his second letter in Corinthians 1 by saying, "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ...who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God."  I love that verse.  It speaks more than just God's power to ease our spirit's well-being, although God does that.  His desire is not harm, but give us relief and help.   I went to the chiropractor today looking for relief from some discomfort - to be able to get a full breath.  Through an adjustment, he brought some much needed physical ease to my body.    Standing in need of God's comfort so many times in my life, I have needed not only relief (a break from the agony of whatever), but also I simply needed the noun version of comfort - GOD himself.  Maybe you are stronger than I am, but there are times I need comfort, relief, help, cheer.  Having been in chronic, severe pain for extended periods of time, pain has the capacity and power to take up every square inch of your mind, to preoccupy every thought.  Comfort has somewhat the same effect.  Comfort is like sand over rocks - pouring over hurt, pain, despair, worry, failure.  It fills in around the hurt, cushioning us.  I have a few articles of comfort clothing.  They really aren't spectacular to view, but when I have them on I feel in that state of relief.  I feel at ease.  When we give comfort to others, we are like comfy clothes - providing relief for them, cheer or support.  We have the power to translate the comfort of God into human interaction.  I have been the recipient of that comfort and hopefully, have given some to others.  When I was very ill, laying on anything caused excruciating pain.  To find comfort I would gently place pillows along both sides of my body to ease the pain.  Those pillows cushioned the pain.  God has done that for me over and over again in my life.  He's the pillow to my aching body, sand in the cracks against rocks in my life, a cool drink when I have been parched and the warmth of sun to the winters I have faced. 


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