Breaking open a fortune cookie after lunch yesterday with my daughter, I declared that I was sure whatever was written would somehow magically fit into my life.  Or, at the very least would be the very thing, the vehicle, the prophecy of some deep, dark hidden longing of my heart.  As I pulled the little slip of paper from the cookie, I popped one half of the fortune cookie in my mouth where I commented, "Wow!  This is a really fresh fortune cookie."  Delight oozed from my face as I told my daughter to brace herself for what would surely be words to hang the rest of my life on.  If not, then I would at least learn the Chinese numbers written underneath the wisdom that awaited me.  I smiled as I quickly read through the small sentence of life altering wisdom that had just been delivered inside a small crunchy Asian delicacy - the fortune cookie.  It read, "Good fortune will soon be heaped upon you."   Excited I was, that somehow the universe had reached through the bakery, the distribution center, the restaurant, even the waiter's hands as he picked up the cookie out of the box that lay in front of me.  It was obviously a sign of good things to come and I would most definitely not prepare for life in general and let it just come in the waves of goodness that were soon to be upon me.  My daughter's fortune read, "The star of riches is shining upon you."  We laughed at that one as her car was presently in the shop with a new engine being put in it, and she was deep in the throws and expense of her master's classes.  Laying in bed this week I perused the horoscopes enroute to the classified ads.  I am a Leo - any surprise:)  Again, I felt like the cosmos were gently and magically guiding my existence - that I was being propelled forward.  The words jumped off the page - "Passion will guide your life in the very near future.  Be true to it."   Well, I thought, how did the paper know of my divorce, my remarkable experience of finding a soul connection and the passion that had unleashed itself in all areas?  Why had I not before now known the full effect and power of both the fortune cookie's wisdom and my astrological sign's power?  No worries, I'm sure next week when I finish my order of chicken with pea pods the Fortune Cookie wisdom will seek me out, guiding my life through the cookie once again.

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  1. are you really into astrology? does your sign match up with your man's?
    - lightening bug