Open your closet and look inside it.  Don't look at whether you think you have too few clothes or that you are a clothes monger.  Instead, what kind of hangers do you have?  Do you utilize the freebie ones that clothes from the dry cleaners come back on - the crappy, lightweight metal ones with sometimes a piece of stiff cardboard on the bottom where pants are hung and that leave shoulder nipples on shirts when removed from the hanger?  Or, do you have those heavy weight white rubber coated ones - the ones that have some substance to them, although still a form of metal?  Possibly you have plastic hangers, thick and sturdy to hold anything from a simple shirt, a pair of pants to a suit coat jacket?  Maybe you have those beautiful wood hangers that put you in mind of precisely cut shoulders atop a beautiful sculpted neck?  Now, maybe you have a mixture of hangers - a mish mash if you will of all of the above and some not even mentioned - a varitable cornucopia of hangers.  I mean, come on Lynn I can hear you saying in your heads, who cares about hangers - they're hangers.  I don't know how personality tests are necessarily created - a degreed and doctored psychologist writes questions based on theories and generalities and a determination of categories is agreed upon as a marker of personalities. I have created my own sort of personality marker - hangers.  My daughter, when she was growing up, wanted hangers that all matched (peach to be specific and when she could no longer find peach she then had to replace the entire hanger collection as she could not tolerate a mish mash).  Clothes hung in her closet (& still do) directionally facing the exact same way, both the hanger and how the article of clothing hung on which side of the hanger.  Her clothes on those hangers hung by category groupings of color too.  It was an amazing display of colors and complete perfectionist order.  Me, well I'm a bit more loosey goosey than she is.  My closet has colors intertwined along with differing hangers (a few anyway), along with the occasional sweater hung by a spaghetti strapped cami.  Come to think of it, there is little continuity compared to hers.  Last week I was sitting on the floor in the spare bedroom where my husband keeps his clothes in the closet.  The doors were slightly open and I became transfixed with what I saw - beautiful wood hangers, clothes hung directionally the same by colors and the hangers seemed to be spaced like tile is laid - with spacers:)  There was not a hanger out of place or hung sloppily.  I am currently working on how to perfect my slightly askew hanging clothes and how to translate this visual personality assessment test to written form to be used in standardized personality testing nationwide.


  1. How hard is it to keep the whites together, the browns & the blacks, the basic 3 of Lynn's closet??? If
    you need help with that I can take a vacation day and work on that with ya. That should take about 5 minutes then we can go do stuff.

  2. HAHAHA. love ^that comment. funny.

    I still have al the same color and type of hangers... but I will admit I've gotten a little lax with my organizing of it... turns out the older I get the more there are other things to take my attention and time than organizing my closet... unfortunately.