I am risking losing the readership of my dear friend Big D by including in this post a bit of history.  She doesn't really like facts and history - just humor:)  First off, I don't have passionate opinions about many things.  I mean by that, I don't picket outside businesses or write letters to the editor, or get into political debates (I do have an opinion though).  I don't boycott stores (other than Walmart and that's just because I hate Walmart in general).  Only a couple of things in life do I regularly and with a bit of umph express constantly my disdain over.  Hummers are one of those things.  My beef lies in the capitalistic way in which we have all grown accustomed to living.  Me included, as I like to benefit from capitalism too.  There is a bit of in your face capitalistic, self-indulgent, arrogant swagger in the Hummer that I take a bit of umbrage with.  Partly human nature lends itself to always wanting what is just a bit off limits - another capitalistic principle which helps to fuel supply and demand.  I know this might offend a few readers, one of which is a dear friend who drives a Hummer:)  Though, I would say this right to his face, and he would laugh at my ridiculous way of saying it to him.  Hummers were originally called Humvees produced by AM General for the U.S. Army in 1983 after 4 years of engineering and testing.  They looked somewhat slightly different than the civilian version that was released for public consumption:) in 1992 and called the Hummer.  Since 1992 there have been several model changes to the Hummer.  Average cost of H-1's are $55-70,000 with later models of the H-2 and H-3's down in the $30-$40,000 range or less if you go bare bones without all the amenities.  Their cost is not necessarily out of line with other high end SUVs.  The first wave of Hummer purchasers were, you guessed it, celebrities like Arnold Swarztenegger.  Soon the Hummer craze took off and spread from celebrities to the wealthy to eventually a broader economic base as the prices came down and less expensive models were released.  I have no issue with what experts claim is a very dependable, rugged and designed for longevity vehicle.  I'm not convinced that is why most Hummer owners purchase the vehicle totally.  I know they don't purchase it for the gas mileage which comes in at a whopping 7-12 mpg or so, just above the 1970's Winnebago.  It just seems opulent and wasteful in the world we live in - more about indulgence and status.  It could be that I am a bit more finesse oriented, not as much in your face geared, in just about every avenue in life.  Sitting here typing this post at my dining room table, I hear a rumble and look up.  I live on a corner with a four way stop and can see people's vehicles clearly.  There it was again today - the bright canary yellow Hummer short bed.  Ugh, I said to myself.  If driving a Hummer isn't a bold and full of yourself statement in and of itself, driving a bright canary yellow one takes it to yet a whole other level!  I once had a bright canary yellow Chevy Chevette back in 1984.  It got way more than 7-12 mpg, but I hated that I was constantly noticed (ok and laughed at simultaneously).  There could be advantages to owning a Hummer - if civil war breaks out you might stand a chance in maneuvering your way to safety better than if you drove say, a Ford Fiesta.  If a flash flood occurred you could withstand driving through roughly 30-32" of water.  And, if you let your son drive his prom date to the prom in it he may think you are the coolest dad in the world (now that one isn't half bad!).  

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  1. I have heard your disdain for Hummers before Big L and it actually kinda surprises me. If I cared I would research to see what
    size engine it has but I would think it packs quite a punch under the hood. Do you see where I'm going with this evil kneviel? Getting from point a to point b in a lot less time **AND** the ability to run over anything and everybody that is in your way. Starting to rethink this whole thing aren't you??

    p.s. I read through this WHOLE thing...