I love to observe people.  It is amazing to me how much you can see in people's mannerisms, facial expressions, body language, interactions with others, eye contact - even their spirit that can be felt and seen though not in a tangible sort of way.  Recently my husband and I were walking through an outdoor courtyard in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Strolling quickly with our hands entwined with each other, we walked past a man who was no doubt trying to sell something.  He commented, "Happy or married?"  We both smiled and replied at the same time, "BOTH!".  Last week we were sitting in the business office of a car dealership finishing up the purchase of a vehicle.  The business manager said, "I have been watching you all day.  Never have I seen two people who so love each other.  You have something that is rare.  You have the real deal."  We told him how we met and that yes, we felt that same sensation - that this is a remarkable and magical love.  Our friends, family and even random strangers comment that we look made for each other. (Actually I have said that to my husband many times - that I truly believe God made Him specifically for me!)  I have wondered what do these people see - what intangible spirit or presence flows between us that others sense and remark about.  Oh, obviously you can see the love - the touching, the tenderness, the attention to the other - but there is more, unseen yet noticeable to those around.  What I hope they see is a woman in her middle years who has been given the gift of soul connection and love which leaves an indelible mark outwardly.  I hope they see something magical that reminds them love can come no matter how long the road takes to bring it.  No one yet has said, "Will you two get a room!", at least out loud:)

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