I like easy.  I like simple.  I love restaurants where there are few choices and the menu is scaled back, the food presentation beautiful and the taste is fresh and unadulterated with excessive ingredients, preservatives and processing.  Thinking about choices yesterday and today, it led me to grace and love.  They seem like big, overly complicated things to not only wrap our brains around, but even larger than life to be able to do, and do successfully.  Sometimes I have viewed grace and love as a mountain that I just cannot seem to climb - the circumstance that is calling me to give grace and choose love is not easy or comfortable.  I want to exert my "right" to be angry, hold someone accountable for the unfairness, the lack, the hurt, the choice they made that affected me or made me feel unloved.  In my moment of holding back grace and love I remember that only giving grace and love when it's easy isn't truly and fully giving grace and love.  My mind wandered back to the Garden of Eden.  It was there that God gave Adam and Eve all things beautiful, all things to be enjoyed, including each other.  All things, except for that one tree.  Why, I thought, would God give them all things and yet leave one thing that they could not have?  God did not want "have to" love because if it's not a choice, it's not really love.  Neither did I want love in my life that was "have to" love.  Conversely, God gave grace to Adam and Eve (me, you and all humanity still) because of His love for us.  Which came first - grace or love?  Quite simply, love came first.  Obviously God didn't love that Adam and Eve chose to seek after something that would not bring them ultimate freedom in their lives (nor does He when I do the exact same thing).  But, His love looked past their choice, my choice, to wanting restoration and peace - His grace, unmerited favor.  Could I give it away even if it wasn't deserved?  It says in I Corinthians 13 that love keeps no records of wrongs.  Love means I not only bestow grace for a wrong, but I relinquish the right to keep track of it by a tally mark in my mind and spirit.  I am finding out that when love enters the picture there is no length that you will not go - that God did not go.        

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