Ironing a new pair of pants my iron hits something in the pant leg - a spare button sewn on the inside pant leg seam.  I check the other leg, another spare there too.  That was a different delivery method than the minuscule zipper bag attached to the tag that usually carried the spare buttons from the manufacturer to the consumer.  I kind of liked this method of sewing the spare inside the garment.  It was always there, right there until you lost a button.  You never had to wonder had you saved that little zipper button bag, and if you did, where had you put it.  I have collected, from all the clothes I've purchased in the past 26 years, most of the spare buttons.  Every time I purchase something the button bag goes inside a large zippered bag.  I have buttons to clothes I'm sure I don't own any more, that are out of style or that I might not be able to fit into any longer.  As I ironed I began to picture myself out in the wilderness hiking in my new pants (why I don't know, just the way my mind works) with the spare button sewn inside the pant leg.  I panic momentarily when I look down and see the rugged terrain has caught a hold of one of the buttons on my pants and ripped it off.  Then I remember, I have a spare button inside the seam of my pant leg.   Extracting a small sewing kit from my pack (Yes of course I would have a sewing kit with me wouldn't you!), I remove my pants (People it's the wilderness no one can see me other than woodland creatures and they show no interest).  Using the folding scissors from the sewing kit, I clip the thread holding the spare button, careful to unravel the thread for a use yet to be determined.  With a new button sewn on, I finish the grueling wilderness hike fully buttoned.  I later use the thread I retrieved from the spare button to fashion a make shift McGyverish fishing line - tying on a hook of sorts from a piece of my hair pin:)  My mind snaps back as the iron steams from sitting on the pant leg too long.  Oh yeah, the spare button - I just hit it again with the iron. 


  1. As I was reading there were a couple of *gasp* moments...
    1) when you hit the button with your iron, did it leave an impression of said button...I hate
    when that happens
    2) the fact that you even thought of going into the wilderness with NEW pair of just
    made me question everything I may or may not have taught you
    3) the fact that you have purchased
    enough NEW clothing to have a large
    zippered bag full of buttons cause I am sure the zipper button bag has
    long been removed from your Goodwill purchases
    4) do you now have an image of the iron now permanantly pressed in your pants from being there too long

    It is comforting to know that all of your buttons can be used on all of your clothes, just need to choose the right size. That's a perk of buying a "color coded" wardrobe

  2. i didn't know if i should even ask...were you able to catch enough minnows for dinner

  3. haha. ^ that comment is hilarious.

    but my real question is... what is an iron??