Talking with a friend of mine, a devout Catholic, she shared that this is a magical week for her.  I thought to myself that Holy Week (the week between Palm Sunday and Easter) is to the spiritual world what the Academy Awards are to the world of movies and acting.  It's the culmination of God's purpose, design, love, relationship bridge building, sacrifice, and more love.  As I stood at the edge of the kitchen last night at 11 p.m. gazing at the tile we just finished laying, I looked at the diagonal pattern we had chosen.  It was designed to give the kitchen a certain look, to open up the room a bit more, to create a flow between the colors of the tile-walls-cabinets.  There was a very specific look we were trying to get to.  Laying the tile in this misery experience of remodeling a kitchen, was actually the cornerstone for all the updates that were to come in that room.  I thought about Easter and Christmas.  We look at them as basically 3 months apart.  Our humanness lends itself to finiteness - much like the kitchen project, a start and a stop.  The world of God, Jesus and planet Earth was more than a 3 month project from Christmas to Easter.  It was, according to scripture, set before time that God through Jesus would lay the cornerstone of His love through the death of His Son.  So that, His love could reach through our humanness and past our sin.  Sometimes we think that God's original plan was altered when Adam and Eve sinned.  That their sin took God by surprise and He had to come up with Plan B - Jesus' birth, death and resurrection.  Wow, what a brilliant off the cuff plan to save the world:)  God knew our bent and He knew His great love.  Christmas and Easter were not Plan B because Plan A failed.  Love was the purpose all along.  Relationship with His creation was His desire.  Jesus was the cornerstone of love and relationship with those He created - mankind.         . . .  and the winner of the Savior of the World and Lover of Mankind goes to . . . God through His Son Jesus Christ.

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