I went to the lab this morning to have a blood test - routine stuff that I have done a couple times of year.  I checked in with the front desk to update a name change, change in insurance and obtain the sheet I needed to take to the lab.  The distance between check-in and the lab is relatively short and as I turned the corner to the lab I gazed upon a completely full waiting room - every chair filled, and the line curved out the lab and down the hall.  Impatience and amazement flew across my face.  What were all these people doing here!  How can this many people all choose 8:40 a.m. to decide to have their lab work done?  I, of course, did not count as one of those people.  Standing in this monstrous line is a mother with two small children.  I stop to say, "Wow, this is quite the line!  I think I will try another time."  She smiles and agrees but stays in line.  The wait is approximately 3 hours.  As I exit the building I think loudly and with it planted on my face, "Who has time for that!"  I get in the car to drive home desiring a cup of coffee as I had to pass on it earlier because of lab work.  Driving by the coffee shop I decide to stop and get a good, smooth, flavored cup of coffee.  There is not a parking space to be had.  My impatience wells again as I can't find a place to park which means no coffee there!!  I once actually prayed for patience knowing that I stood in lack of it greatly.  Oh how I soon regretted that prayer as things in my life for years on end caused opportunity after opportunity for patience to be taken hold of.  Ripping off 4 layers of floor in the kitchen my husband commented that I worked hard and steady and seemed to possess limitless patience with the bigness of the job.  I giggled inside.  Don't mix up determination and grit with patience I told him.  The first two I have hordes of.  The latter, not nearly so much.  My impatience is seen clearly in driving.  The other day my daughter was with me and the people in front of me were not driving as fast as I would have liked them to.  Out loud (as though they could hear me) I said, "People, people, please!  Let's move.  Pick up the pace!"  My daughter laughed as she said I passed my impatience with slow drivers on to her as she constantly talks to other drivers too.  I have thought about my impatience.  Really it usually stems from speed more than intelligence.  I am extremely quick and so to wait is like locking me in a cage as my mind and body whirl with wanting to move and conquer:)  I heard my sisters talking over the weekend planning some little shopping excursion.  They turned to me and tongue in cheek asked if I would like to go with them.  No, I declared, I don't have the patience for stores - who has time for it!    

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