Everyday everything changes.  I mean literally.  All things morph, grow, die, reproduce, increase, decrease.  All things.  All of creation is faced with a sort of G-forceness causing these outside and inside forces to effect some sort of change.  Creatures and humans have adapted to environmental conditions over centuries.  We have adapted to technology, altered in some way by it both good and bad.  Everything ripples to something else - a connectedness of change.  It would seem that our ability to embrace change comes at times easier than others.  Age diminishes our capacity for what the effects of change bring to our lives, at least for some.  My radar is attuned to change.  The winds of change have been a constant in my world.  Probably in yours too.  A dear friend of mine commented wasn't I confused having had 3 last names in the past year.  I laughed at the reality of it - the realness of what those last names have meant in connection to changes in my life over the last year.  I have morphed, grown, died in some regards, reproduced a life in a changed form, decreased, increased.  It is perpetual motion inwardly and outwardly.  For me, change has been a teacher, a tour guide, a catalyst, a deep cleanse, a free fall, a blessing, a curse, a healer, a transporter of deep grief, but mostly a constant.  It has reminded me again and again and again of the temporariness of all of life.  It has shown me little is in my control - except my reaction to it.  It is constantly teaching me to hold all things lightly but God and family close.  It has brought transformation to lack, healing for brokenness, freedom from bondage.  It has been a magnifying glass when I have allowed it to show me myself, God and truth.  Change has created new streams, new vessels of life.  It has opened my mind and heart causing a sort of everything wants to be noticed way of life.  Change has reignited passion, purpose, and play.  There have been periods where I have felt stretched to a point of breaking with changes.  Some I have desperately wanted all my life, some I have not wanted to release my hold of.  Some have made me bristle a bit.  Others have swept in to my life like a warm spring breeze.  There is not a lot I know for sure, that I would bet all I have on - except God and that change is a constant.  I have felt like a surfer, poised on my board riding the wave - at times getting too far into the wave seeking to crash over me.  Adjusting my balance I want to continue to understand change as an agent of necessity, a literal like oxygen - a part of life, a part of God's language, a vehicle that moves us proving we are alive and part of planet earth and deeply loved by God. 

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