To those of you that are faithful, semi-faithful, sporadic or possibly pity readers of this deep, meaningful and life changing blog :) you might have noted that there were no new posts for 3 days.  Blogspot was having technical difficulties on the creation end.  It was in read-only mode for 2 of those days which basically means I could not write or post.  Then, on the 3rd day I was travelling and since I didn't have blogs banked in the edit form to post when blogspot was open for posting again, I had nothing to post or the ability to write while travelling in the car to the great corn state of Iowa.  Sorry for any inconvenience or depression it may have caused one or two of you!  Since my blog is synonymous with a sunny day, it may have felt like you had gray skies for 3 days!  Or, probably not.

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  1. whew...thank you for explaining. I mean, it's like you peeked into my soul and saw the storm clouds brewing. Love you Big L!