If you have been a reader at all of this blog you might have picked up on my references throughout of my disdain, hatred, dislike, abhoration and complete disregard taste wise for raisins - all things raisinesque - of and pertaining to - or containing any form or likeness thereof.  I have all my life touted the raisin as the only food which I don't like.  Family dishes have been altered to accommodate my extreme displeasure of the dried grape.  My own exclusion of this dried fruit has puzzled even me over the years. I literally love all foods and am not normally bent toward passionate opinions on trivial things such as raisins. I have though, held firmly to my position of not liking raisins now for 44 years. That is until several days ago. My husband, much like my mother, loves raisins. In particular, he loves chocolate covered ones. Standing in the kitchen several days ago I noted the bag of chocolate covered raisins sitting in the cupboard which is still lacking a door front from our not quite done kitchen remodel project. I decide that since I have not really tried raisins in years I should try one.  With so many new things in my life I want to give something once hated new consideration - even something small like a raisin.  Under my husband's looks and smiles I pop a large chocolate covered raisin in my mouth.  Hmmmmm, "This actually is good. But, let me try another one," I say with amazement, wonder even. This time I bite the raisin in half to see just how much chocolate is coating it.  A LOT!!  I eat a whole handful keeping them down and enjoying them even.  Driving to Iowa yesterday I bring the bag of chocolate covered raisins.  I do a Pepsi vs Coke sort of taste test on my husband.  In the bag of milk chocolate covered raisins I mixed a bag of dark chocolate yogurt covered raisins (a bit healthier and lower in fat and sugar).  He comments that he likes the first handful better - the milk chocolate full fat drenched in the chocolate vat 12 times as the coating is at least double the size of the raisin.  Not me, I actually liked the dark chocolate yogurt covered raisins better.  I am still somewhat lost in the fact that I actually kind of, sort of, ok really liked the raisins.  I need to call my mom and let her know she can now put raisins back in her broccoli salad as I've had a raisin change in my life!

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  1. is a grand thing! Way to
    step out of your raisin free box!