I listened to some live jazz music last evening at a Jazz Festival where I live.  The name of the group was The Dave Bennett Quartet.  Now I can't say that I am well versed in jazz music or that I have a favorite musician in that genre.  I can say that jazz music amazes me.  The speed, the off beatness, the swill of rhythms and the timing that seems almost off kilter at times intrigues me.  The bass player was amazing and even though his notes and rhythms were more steady than everyone, barring the drummer, he was lively and felt it.  The clarinetist was quite stellar.  I loved his rushed runs and offbeat fast playing.  I'm not quite sure that the drummer though wasn't on auto pilot on most numbers.  I'm pretty confident I saw him looking somewhat disengaged and gazing around aimlessly as he played the same sort of blase hushed and very flat rhythm.  The pianist on the other hand, was amazing.  It could be because I have played in my life, but he was good.  He just played but not in this pounding way.  The music instead just flowed from his hands.  He was amazing.  There are great musicians in every genre of music.  But much like sports, there are certain sports that require a bit more talent, skill, and physical acuity.  Jazz is that sport in the music world.  It takes music to a more free level that isn't as orchestrated and roteish as some other types of music.  I thought sitting there why that appeals to me - the fact that music leads those jazz musicians not them leading the music.  Its notes are free, open, unstructured.  Which, is so very much like the way I love to live. 

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