Being a free-spirited and open person one would imagine that approach would apply in all areas. It does in many areas, but maybe not all areas at all times.  I am not Woody Harrelson:)  My free spiritedness manifests itself in lots of ways.  For instance, in clothing.  My motto is less is better (not scantily clad mind you - as who wants to see a woman in her mid forties in that condition!).  I don't wear layers (I have see first hand my 23 year old daughter wear 4 shirts at one time - why I say!!).  I go without a bra more times than not (which is possible when they are barely an A cup).  Never, ever do I wear pantyhose even if it's minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit out.  Nor do I wear slips, socks, or scarves around my neck for warmth or fashion in that loop-d-loop sort of trendy way.  My winter coats are thin.  Family and friends alike try to mother me into wearing a heavier one even at my age!! (give it up people!)  If I do have to wear snow boots to shovel the drive or trudge through the parking lot from work to the office, there are no socks inside my boots.  Right now some of you are thinking, "Hmmmm, she really is sort of describing a bag lady of sorts who pushes a shopping cart around piled with her meager possessions and coat wide open in the bitter winter."  It's presently summer where I live which means my love of sun and the outdoors rules me.  Several days ago I donned my bikini top and a pair of shorts and headed to the back yard to park my hiney in my beach chair - time for some sun and some writing.  My free spirited ways felt threatened a bit by the neighbor behind me who used to call me the "saucy little divorced lady" during my single period and who admitted to having binoculars.  My self-conscious level ratcheted up a tad as I thought about my neighbors next to me. They are in their 60's, Mennonite and dress very modestly and don't own a TV.  Maybe I was sending them over the edge.  Because my house is on a corner, every Tom-Dick-and-Harry can see me bikini clad sitting in my beach chair in the back yard.  Yet, none of that dissuaded me or caused me to cover up.  We though are in the process of tearing off a sun room to create a private fenced patio with a gas fire pit - a way to enjoy the outdoors with some semblance of privacy from the street and binoculars:)  My free and easy spirit manifests itself in how easily I approach strangers or how they approach me.  Meeting an elderly couple yesterday in the lab (there once again!) the woman begins to pour out her heart about her struggle with cancer, her husband's heart surgeries and that both of their kids live a great distance from them.  We talk about how life with disease can drain you emotionally too.  She said that's where she was.  I could relate most definitely and hoped she knew I shared a bit of her struggle as I too had experienced that.  I suppose my openness allowed them to unload and feel validated if only for a few minutes from a stranger.  I also am free spirited with possessions.  I just don't own a lot of "stuff" nor does it hold a high degree of interest to me.  In fact, belongings and clutter weigh me down.  My easy breezy wing it ways show up in full force in not needing a master plan before starting a project, a demolition or construction job, a blog, a website.  I usually see things in my head and it unfolds as I journey in the project doing it.  Right now some of you extremely concrete thinkers are shuddering, sweat forming on your lip as you udder words like, "irresponsible, procrastinator, a scenario for failure, chaos, a poor job in the making."  The playing out of creativity as it unfolds is actually exhilarating and energizing for me.  It's my best work sort of way.  But mostly, my openness with just allowing people to be truly who they are allows for some hilarious and very meaningful moments in life.  My free spirited and open ways have made my life very rich.  I do  though draw the line at shaving - I do it daily!

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  1. I shave every day too! (like mother like daughter).

    I also do not plan my creativity. You're always supposed to sketch, like a ba-zillion sketches before you even THINK about painting something. I just dive in. No sketching. No plan. It's better that way!