I believe there are spirits about the world - both good and bad.  I can sometimes see a presence around people - both light and darkness.  I suppose that mystics out there call that a person's aura, the energy field that emanates from a person or object.  Those followers of that belief say there are 7 layers around a person which correspond to 7 different colors.  Each color representing something, with the strongest color being the dominate part of the person.  If you call that hogwash or baloney or think that is borderline satanic voodoo, then maybe you feel more comfortable with another definition.  Scientists believe that there is an electromagnetic field surrounding each person (there is).  If "science" makes you more comfortable and the word electromagnetic field instead of aura makes you feel better, then go with it.  Either way, we are surrounded by something (the Bible says a "great cloud of witnesses" but let's not go there).  A few years back I sold real estate.  In this real estate office were twelve of us - all different personalities, styles and levels of success.  Karen was a bit eclectic with her hemp bag, high waisted pants, all one length bobbed hair, solidly far to the left political and religious beliefs, strange decorating tastes, and Birkenstock sandals.  In her 50's and divorced, she was uniquely individual though not highly successful as a realtor.  She was eccentric in a world of non-eccentrics.  One day I was working on some comps for a client with my back to the door of the office I was in.  Karen came into the room and said hello.  She very boldly asked if she could heal my pancreas (she knew I had Type I diabetes).  Yes, she said it virtually like that.  I love anyone that is bold and she was.  I smiled and said, "Well Karen, I have prayed for years for God to heal it and thus far He has chosen not to.  But, if you think you can, please go right ahead!"  I knew what was coming as I had heard rumors in the office of her "healing mystic hand thing".  I pushed my chair away from my desk and stood up.  After giving me a few instructions - open your mind, think about healing, etc...I heard her clap her hands and rub them together for a bit behind me.  Then very slowly she held her hands, palms facing my body, and began slowly outlining my body while keeping her hands about 3-4 inches from me.  Every so often I heard her say, "hmmmm, huh".  I tried to be open minded.  Really though I was having an inner monologue that went something like this, "What in the world is she doing?  She says she has actually healed people.  Wow!  I don't feel a thing.  I hope she can't read my mind because if she can, I'm busted!"  After some minutes she stopped and began to share what she felt and saw with me.  With a bit of a puzzled look she said, "I have never seen anyone with such a big aura about them, with such power, a huge spiritual whiteness and purple that is larger than most.  For whatever reason I could not get through."  I smiled and thanked her for trying, convincing her that it was no doubt my inability to let my mind go that made it hard for her.  Really I giggled to myself that maybe that aura is what causes people - random strangers and those I know alike - to tell me things, to come up to me, to feel safe to talk.   Some months after that I was sitting in my broker's office discussing something when the subject of Karen came up.  Without missing a beat he said, "Did Karen try to do her healing hands on you yet?"   I laughed and said, "Yes, but it wasn't successful."  He laughed, "She has been trying to do it on my injured back and there is no way in hell I will let her!  That stuff is bunk!"  I wondered if Karen would have done it on him what she would have seen.  I had prayed for Jim ever since I stepped foot in that office for his eyes to be opened and his heart softened to know God.  Yesterday the son of a neighbor came up to me in the yard as I mowed.  I saw something around him - despair, darkness.  Standing there I envisioned my light and his dark colliding.  I knew though who would win.  Light always trumps darkness.  Always.   

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