I've been thinking about June in light of this past December 2010.  Being pretty intuitive both about others and myself, I sensed in my spirit in September of 2010 that something hard, bad or difficult would take place in December.  And, then that something amazing, life changing, the actualization of something good in my life would come in June of 2011.  Before you giggle and think I am Sylvia Brown, palm reader of sorts to the stars - NO!  December most definitely followed suite to what I sensed, a heartache and grief that left me struggling for a time.  On the heels of that came love as December's last few days faded into January.  I have wondered, in these months between then and now, what that amazing and good thing would be.  My prayer has been wisdom to know how to get to the things in my life that I want, that I have a desire to achieve.  There is movement in two of those avenues of desire in this month of June on this 24th day.  I, with a strong measure of assuredness, know they will come about in full force.  It's sort of like knowing they have already occurred and I am just journeying to where they are.  It's planted in my soul and my spirit.  Sometimes staying on the path with determination, patience and faith gets a bit long.  And, I have a day or two or three or week where I have to shake off the funk of weariness and doubt to refocus from the things in life that naturally pull all of us from the important.  June is a month most referenced in our minds for; graduation parties, weddings, the start of summer, the close of school, vacations, the longest hours of daylight day of the year, a lessening of structure and routines, a more carefree spirit.  It's just a month of goodness and delight - seeing our hopes realized.  I am believing the same.  

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