This blog post is an interactive one.  I want your feedback to satisfy what has been a life long question.  Do you use a wash cloth when bathing or showering?  It seems like a silly and somewhat private question - even causing a few of you to have a visual of the non-washcloth folk showering, only soap in their hand:)  If you are a non-washcloth user it becomes a bit awkward when visiting friends or family.  You know sometimes the host will lay out a towel and a washcloth for you.  There is that moment when the shower or bath is complete when you try to figure out what to do with your wet towel.  There is that other moment when, as a non-washcloth user, you try to figure out how to hide the fact that you didn't use the washcloth.  Do you just pony up and leave it unused in the bathroom?  Or, do you rinse it under the bathroom faucet and wring it out as a decoy to your non-washclothability?  There are probably a few washcloth users who are now posing the question, "How gross can you be to use the soap directly on the exposed parts and pieces of the human anatomy?"  The non-washcloth crowd comes back with, "Well, it's faster, and since its soap, it cleans itself!"  If you are curious which method uses the most or least amount of soap, your mind is now on the same path as mine.  To be honest, there are probably no studies out there (ok, maybe there are as our government can waste money like there's no tomorrow!).  My best guess though is that the non-washcloth users actually use less soap per bath/shower transaction than the washcloth crowd.  You may need to confer with Bill Nye The Science Guy for confirmation on my theory.  It makes logical sense that when you use a washcloth you have to keep slathering the soap around on the cloth to create lather.  The non-washcloth users skip the middle man.  Now you might be very curious as to what category I belong to.  I don't blame you as I've been curious about this issue all my life:)  Please post your comment as to your preference - washcloth or not.


  1. i'm only telling if you promise to divulge in your next post if you use one or not...

    bill's last name is Nye. don't worry, he won't notice. he's a scientist not a speller. ;))

    also. no wash cloth!!

  2. Thanks for the correction of spelling on my idol's name:) I wouldn't want to offend Bill Nye as I am quite sure he is a dedicated follower. Quite. As for what I am - do you know me:)