I like air conditioning on really hot days.  Thankful I am that I can escape the Midwest's high humidity.  Air conditioning makes for much better sleeping.  I do though miss the outdoors in the warm months when there is too many days in a row that require air conditioning.  After awhile I feel a bit claustrophobic - desperately wanting to feel the outdoor air through the windows, hear the sounds of summer.  I don't like air conditioning that is set so cold it drives me to my sweat shirt just to be comfortable.  Growing up I worked at our small town's bakery one summer.  We lived 3 miles from town so getting to the bakery early in the morning required riding my bike.  The morning ride was easy - cool even.  The afternoon ride home after working in a hot bakery washing dishes in the back where the big ovens had been running all morning, was brutal.  The heat just zapped your energy.  We had two window air conditioners in our old farm house growing up.  One, was upstairs in our mom and dad's room.  They kept it so cold that ice would form on the walls and if you kept your arms outside of the covers, touches of frost bite could be seen on the tips of your fingers.  The other air conditioner was in the dining room just off the kitchen.  They were big monster units that took a bevy of men to put in and take out.  They were loud and they iced over from time to time.  You froze to death in the room they were in, and could easily die from the stale hot air in the rooms that its coolness just couldn't reach.  I hate restaurants for lots of reasons, but one is that they are usually freezing cold in the summer.  Typically I have to wear a sweater or something.  I hate being cold when I am supposed to be relaxing and enjoying someone else having to cook my food and then serve it to me.  I'm sure the workers may be hot from bustling around actually working.  But, since without PAYING customers they wouldn't have a job, I think the temperature should suit the customers not the employees.  Just a thought.  When I lived just outside of Houston the temperature was in the 110 range and the humidity made the Midwest feel like the Antarctic in the middle of winter.  If it's 110 outside and in every air conditioned building it's even 75 degrees, that's more than a 30 degree difference.  It felt as if you were experiencing winter every time you walked indoors.  The shock of a thirty degree swing was alarming.  I spent most of my time running into a building to cool down and then about 15 minutes later, running back out to warm my core up. I used to go to a church where almost every Sunday the air conditioning blew directly on me to the point where invariably I would have to get up and either go to the back and sit, go to the foyer or move to the balcony.  Entering those years of perimenopause leading me, without collecting $200, directly to menopause, I occasionally need cold to combat my night sweats!  But only occasionally.  I hate winter and hate being cold.  Actually the other night, in the middle of summer, I turned my oven on and sat in front of it.  Air conditioning at work all day got me so cold I had to warm my insides up when I got home.  I am looking for a constant 74 degrees, no humidity inside and out..... perfect!

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