My daughter and son-in-law came for dinner tonight.  We had a great summer meal.  Topping it off with homemade apple pie (her favorite) and lots of laughing.  My son-in-law has a dry sense of humor and you have to listen to the comments he quietly interjects in conversations - both his own and others.  Though definitely her own person, my daughter shares my disdain of several things.  One of those things is my bewilderment, dislike, and mostly revulsion over those cement geese that people place as a porch or landscape decoration.  You know the ones that have different outfits to fit the season - a yellow slicker and hat, a gingham dress, flannel pajamas and a pink bikini.  I have through the years of driving around for my job, occasionally stopped and clicked a picture of a random person's porch - zooming in for Hannah's benefit at the cement clothed goose.  It's been my way of telling her I was thinking about her amidst the business of daily living - that ridiculous reminds me of her.  I am sorry if any of you possess one of the aforementioned geese.  Even more sorry, if you clothe it and have in your basement a Rubbermaid tub that houses its wardrobe.  Leftover pie in hand, they left after a closing standing-by-the-car conversation about people honking to express dislike in other people's driving skills.  Or, whether flashing your car lights on bright to express that dislike was nicer.  As they backed out of the driveway my son-in-law put his brights on and then followed it by rolling down his window and flipping us off.  We couldn't stop laughing. Perfect comedic timing!  Leaving the house shortly after their departure for our nightly walk, my husband and I return about 30 minutes later just as it is getting dark.  We see what looks like a goose in our yard.  Strange, but not unheard of as we live only 2 blocks from a river.  We stand in the street debating if it has moved.  A couple walking their dogs stop and say they went around the block trying to figure out if it had moved.  We tell them we live there and I confess to them that I think it might be a cement goose - a yard decoration.  First though, I ask if they like or own one.  They laugh and reply that they hate them too!   My husband and I strongly suspect Hannah and Brandon.  After some texts to her, she folds - confesses it was them.  In fact, she says after they drove away they waited for us to leave and drove around the block where they drove right by us on our walk (we are pretty much oblivious to anything except dogs chasing us on those walks - tuned in to only each other).  They went back and placed it triumphantly and distinctly in the center of the front yard.  I gave them an honorary funniest people in the family award for one day.  Don't tell them, but that prank is worth at least two or three days and a small travelling trophy:)

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