Bodies are strange are they not?  At the beach the other day I saw humanity.  Most were human anyway:)  That was really the only visible thread in terms of physical attributes.  If you've ever seen a skull of an animal or possibly a human, you know there is a bone structure of a skull.  Yet, when you stretch skin, attach the wonder of God's DNA magic, genetics... individuality occurs.  We all have bones and organs.  The difference in our looks lies in so many things (plastic surgery withstanding!) - genetics, how much fat we carry and where, how close our eye sockets are, the angle of our jaw bone, the shape of our skull, the shape of the cartilage on our nose, where our hairline starts, the pigment of our skin, the propensity to muscle tone or to mush, height, feet shape and size, the length of a neck, the thickness of our waist, the amount of body hair, the clearness of skin, the size of breasts, the length of a person's torso.  Speaking of which, I have a long torso for a 5'5" woman.  I can sit on a chair next to someone much taller than me and tower over them.  If I had a normal torso length can you imagine how long my legs would be for 5'5"!!  Giraffe length indeed.  There is a picture recently of me and my two sisters, birthed reproductively from the same loin, standing next to each other at my parent's 50th anniversary dinner.  Though there are slight similarities, we have many physical differences.  My oldest sister has a tiny head and narrow shoulders.  My middle sister, a large head and more olive colored skin.  I have big eyes and broad shoulders (Wow, doesn't that just make me sound so attractive!).  Our bodies are not only uniquely different from each other, but they have the capacity for great change.  I gave birth to one child, topping the scale at her birth at 150 pounds, having gained 25 pounds.  I still bear the stretch marks from that "change" 24 years later even though I weigh 116 pounds.  Look at the show, "The Biggest Loser" and you can easily see the amazing transformation that can take place in our bodies.  We are human silly putty!  I marvel at how we can all be humans but look so different.  How we all wear our bones and flesh so distinctively, so disparately.   

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