Mowing the lawn today I created a diagonal pattern.  As I mowed I thought about all the blades of grass in the yard.  I thought about all the leaves in the tree in my back yard as I methodically made swaths in the green.  I can't even begin to count either the blades of grass or the leaves on the tree.  I thought about how God designed nature to be self perpetuating.  He made photosynthesis, nitrogen in rain and oxygen in the air as processes that support, feed and grow - leading to reproduction.  He created the things and the processes that flourish them.  He did not merely create inanimate objects, but in the mix created living things - walking, changing reminders of the Creator.  It led me to love.  This thing that likewise is alive and vibrant.  It too can support us, feed us and grow us.  Love, like the created plant life, is a visual of God the Creator and His character.  My husband said to me recently, "I adore you Lynn.  I simply and absolutely adore you."  I thought about romantic love.  It was something that had eluded me in life - in loving deeply someone who married another, in 25 years of a first marriage.  I saw this thing that God had created and longed for it - to experience love's photosynthesis, nitrogen and oxygen.  God heard my cry, my deep desire to experience something He designed.  I look at nature and all God gave it to flourish it, to perpetuate it, to display Himself in it, and I see His great love.  I just as strongly see it in the answer to my own heart's cry - given me by God to flourish me, to show me more of Himself through the magic of love.  It does perpetuate more love.  Nitrogen and oxygen really do flourish the soul:)

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