Saturday I ran to Ace Hardware for a few things we needed.  It was a supply run for a project we were in the middle of.  I also had to fill up the gas can to power the power washer that would be running most of the day.  I pulled up to the gas station and swiped my debit card on the pump enabling me to pay at the pump - like always.  I don't really frequent the inside of gas stations short of using the restroom occasionally while travelling.  Never really do I go in to buy a cup of coffee, a pack of gum, a king size candy bar, or a quart of motor oil.  Paying at the pump for people like me - those that want to pump and dash - is great.  It is also highly irritating for pump payers when the machine runs out of paper for a receipt.  It is one of my pet peeves in life.  Usually my irritation grows to Biblical proportions as I walk from the pump to inside the gas station to matter-of-factly ask for a receipt for pump 12 as, "your pump is out of paper!".   I do that on Saturday - disgusted that once again I have to go inside.  It's not the distance.  I can run miles so a small walk to the inside counter doesn't kill me.  The pump says, "Do you want a receipt?  Yes or No."   I say yes and stand with my hand below the receipt printer but nothing comes out!  Their system is not thorough or fool proof.  Standing in line behind a gentleman close to my age buying lottery tickets I again get a bit perturbed.  Already have I been slowed down twice!  He finished his lottery transaction and I sullenly and directly told the clerk I needed a receipt as it was out of paper.  This day I saved my normal, "you know people who like to pay at the pump pay at the pump for a reason - they don't want to come in!".  What is the point I tell myself on this particular day.  The lottery gentleman and I seem to walk outside towards our cars at close to the same time.  Since I withheld my paper tirade from the clerk, I turn to the lottery man and say, "That is my ultimate pet peeve - paying at the pump and no receipt printing.  If it's a trick by the gas station management to force customers inside in hopes they buy something other than gas, it doesn't work with people like me." He laughs and agrees, and explained that as a CPA he needs and loves receipts.  It too, he says, bugs him.  I go on to finish with a ton of sarcastic humor and sass, "In fact, it does the complete polar opposite in me. It makes it not want to buy gas here at all!"  I turn and get in my car as I hear him laughing no doubt thinking I am a bit sassy and him getting tickled over it.  If it says pay at the pump then I want to PAY AT THE PUMP receipt included. 

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